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MARK 8:17

Jesus said ;

"Do you still not see or understand ?

  Are your hearts hardened ?"


Here are some samples of how folks can find themselves on the wrong army.

People fighting for erroneous Doctrine and yet they feel they are standing for truth.

And we have to admit that we have been totally shocked on many occasions

by the words and attitudes that come from the mouths of our own

supposed Brothers in Christ.


Emails Received;


1)  David wrote;

> Your teaching places you in the company of the iconoclast, the skeptic, the agnostic.

Reply:  David, if you're not willing to answer the 40 Questions that you were politely asked to answer then really you've just directed your above statement at yourself.  Jesus had no problem answering questions because His Doctrine has no flaws.  So if you want to display integrity you'll have to answer the questions first, then criticize later.

2)  David wrote;

> I saw that you said your name was "John", if in fact that is your name.  Coming off the worldwide web, I don't consider that much identification.

Reply:  David, why on earth would I give out further information, it's not relative to our study.  I know your first name and you know mine, that's all we need.  Judgment Day is just around the corner, we'll be getting thoroughly acquainted then.  Have you never wondered why Jesus said this ? Matthew 12:16 Jesus warned them not to tell who he was.  I know exactly why.  Because He was up against hard hearts filled with fear and anger, I'm doing the math as we speak.

Matthew 12:16  warning them not to tell who he was.

Mark 3:12  But he gave them strict orders not to tell who he was.

Mark 8:30  Jesus warned them not to tell anyone about him.

3)  David wrote;

> You propose to send out anonymous e-mails to convert all the misguided souls among Christians.  I think that is pretty discourteous within itself.

Reply:  David, please, the Pharisees were also opposed to people sharing the truth in the first century, you're acting like a Pharisee.  If we're not able to determine True Doctrine from God's Word, and plainly refute people like you who oppose it, then Jesus lied to us in Titus 1:9.

Titus 1:9  Encourage others with Sound Doctrine and refute those who oppose it.

4)  David wrote;

> A long time ago I decided not to waste my time with lengthy and tedious religious discussions with anonymous people over the internet.

Reply:  Well I guess at that time David you should have also decided to withhold your unfounded criticism while you're supposedly wasting your time.  Or does your criticism, void of any Bible study, somehow provide you with some kind of fulfillment in your soul ?

5)  David wrote;

> You distort the truth, you deny the scripture, you plant seeds of discord among Christians and you, like Jezebel, teach the brethren to commit adultery.

Reply:  David, you yourself refute baptists and adventists with the true parts of your Doctrine and we simply use that exact same reasoning to refute the false parts of your Doctrine, so your words are but Phariseeical anger.  Surely you can see the hypocrisy on your part.

6)  David wrote;

> You propose to make Greek arguments, and your knowledge is so limited that you have to depend upon Strong's Concordance for your information and yet you are so bold as to assail the faith of God's children.

Reply:  Oh mercy, is Strong's part of the heresy now too ?  David you're gonna get high blood pressure.  David, the adventists also have faith in their false Doctrine.  When you give them the true parts of your Doctrine and set them straight have you assailed their faith ? ?  Why on earth would you reject truth when we simply present to you a more complete version of the exact same logic that you use against the adventists ?  You are rejecting truth just like the adventists reject your partial truth.  If you were blind you would not be guilty of rejecting truth but because you claim that you can see, your guilt remains.

7)  David wrote;

> It seems pretty clear to me that you are someone who has "messed up" his own life in an adulterous marriage or else you are very close to someone who has such as a daughter, son, parent, or friend.  Right ?

Reply:  (smile) Actually no to all the above David but the Pharisees also had to come up with some sort of pre-sumption too (that Jesus was working via the devil).  So far you're right on par with worldly assumptions along with using quaint redirection from engaging in a serious Bible study.

8)  David wrote;

> If you think Jesus is displeased with my abruptness perhaps you should consult Matthew 23.

Reply:  Jesus already explained about a house divided.  When I give you the Words of Christ you reply with rude slander and refusal to study.  Therefore your distain towards us and God's word cannot be from Jesus.  Therefore your attitude originates not from Christ but from Christ's enemy.

9)  Charles wrote; (after he was kindly asked for his answers to the 40 Questions)

> I don’t cast pearls before swine.

Reply:  Because Charles your pearls aren't actually pearls, they're simply fear disguised as jewelry.  Your response is right on par not with Jesus but with those who rejected Jesus.

10)  Barry wrote;

> Dear brother gutless,  I notice you lack the courage to sign your ministrations of false doctrine.

Reply:  First off Barry, I did sign my name, John, at the end of my email.  Second it never ceases to amaze me that the first defense that brothers focus on is a person's social security number, rather than scripture.  Three years ago when I was searching for truth and a sincere brother was kind enough to put up with my laborious twisted Traditionalist understandings, the last thing I wanted to know was his private information.  Why are you so different ?  I wanted to know why the church had 6,  yes 6 different Doctrines on MDR.  I wanted know why Jesus only addressed 2 out of the 10 Commandments on the Mount.  I wanted to know why this brother had a perfect answer to absolutely   all   seeming contradictions.  I didn't want to know his passwords, last name and social security number.  Good grief.  Barry do you even realize how many 'so called' brothers won't even answer our  40  questions when we kindly ask them ?  Do you even realize the pitifully nasty words that come from the mouths of our 'so called' Christian brothers ?  What I'd like you to do is ask your own self this question;  Mmm ?  Why did Jesus say this in Mark 8:30 Jesus warned them not to tell anyone about him.
And rest assured that I know exactly why, (hint:) Hardened, fear and anger filled hearts.  Hearts that can't handle being checkmated by the truth.  So let's get on with our study and feel free to call me by my name, John.

11)  Henry wrote;

> Neither am I interested in "foolish" and unlearned questions.  I'm not susceptible to your false doctrine.  I could answer your list of questions but you'd disregard it anyway.  You use that list the same way other people use theirs, you use it as a tool of intimidation to coerce people to follow you.  You use it as a means to prove and establish your knowledge and authority.  You lead His sheep astray as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Reply:  Henry, funny thing I get baptists all the time saying exactly what you just said to me when I ask them about your Acts 2:38.  And after they then give me their false rebuttals I just reply with scripture and true Doctrine.  Then guess what ?  They never reply back.  I wonder when I'll get a reply from you concerning 40 very "un-foolish" and pointed questions.

12)  Ted wrote;

> The name John is inconclusive, who are you ?  What's your full name ? ?

Reply:  Ted I can just see you in the first century after Jesus comes to you and says, "Hey Ted, you need to be born again."  And you then immediately focus on Him with the reply, "Ya, well what's your full name Jesus ? ?"

So Ted, If Jesus asked you a few more questions would you then say, "Forget about scripture, forget about judgment day, forget about Eternal Life, I just wanna know ;
1. Your first name.
2. Your last name.
3. Your social security number.
4. Where do you live.

Ted can you even see how ridiculous that is ?  You're so frightened about the fact that you embrace False Doctrine that you grasp at insignificant things for a defense.  Send us the answers to the 40 questions and that will help you refrain from being the equivalent to a scared Pharisee.

13)  Robert wrote;

> Believe what you want and do with your soul as you wish but do not go on spreading this disease to weak Christians. You are taking advantage of people.  You act as if you are the deliverer for those poor folks that have sex on their mind instead of God.  Which is evident because your doctrine is based on marriage, divorce and remarriage.

Reply:  Oh mercy Robert.  Marriage and Divorce is but a puny little 5 % of Rightly Dividing God's Covenants.  Just like the Denominations that try to claim that the church has a works based Doctrine you try to put all the emphasis on Marriage and Divorce.  Robert I encourage to cease being a Denominationalist in both your response and your Doctrine.  See truth for what it is namely this website filled with facts that you cannot refute.  Cheers to truth brother.

14)  Fred wrote;

> If I taught what you do I would go anonymous too.

Reply:  I see Fred, so that means that your elevated integrity means that you should have absolutely no hesitation to answer a few questions for us, right ?  They're mostly yes or no questions so it shouldn't take you more than 7 minutes.  I can't think of one reason why you might not oblige us with your sound Doctrinal answers.  (the 40 questions were then emailed to Fred)

Fred replied;  I have no interest in engaging with you.

FACT:  Well he sure did with his first email.  Out of at least 5000 contacts and 57 requests, only 9 people have had the integrity to answer the questions.  Who knows, maybe that's why the word integrity can only be found once in Christ's New Covenant.

15)  Ron wrote;

> It seems to me that your cowardice of avoiding a public debate is based upon your false teaching.

Reply Ron, Ron, Ron,  You're hilarious.

I'm driving along in our Tank  and we're blowin' up Denominational False Doctrine along with the 500 year old myth that the Gospels are New Covenant Law and we're blowin' up lies like we're shooting at a watermelon on top of a stump.  We're blowin' them up like plastic explosives on a bagel and it's most fulfiilling.  Pieces of bagel are flyin' everywhere.  And then we come across Ron.  And he stands in front of the tank and yells, "Hey you coward !"  Get out of that tank and come down here and let's fight with these two rubber bats that I have (public debate).

And we say Ron, Ron, Ron, read the website completely and either refute it or accept God's Word and move out of the way.  And Ron says; "But I just want us to fight with these two rubber bats.  I want us to bop each other on the head like a couple of kids at a Mexican piñata party.  I want you to waste a whole bunch of your time instead of plowing through the Denominational landscape and annihilating all that False Doctrine that's in your path.  Now get down here right now and lets grapple."

And we reply, Ron your bottom is gonna look like the pancakes we had for breakfast if you don't move it.  And Ron says; "In the name of Goliath how dare you come against us Philistines with Christ's word of the church.  As the Tank is then seen passing over Ron, the black smoky exhaust obscuring the "flat" remnants of what at one time was probably a much more logical man.

16)  Annie wrote;

> I don't understand what your main point is.

ReplyThen Annie please try to fully comprehend only this one point;

Do you keep the Sabbath ?  Why not ?  Because it's Old Covenant.

Do you give 10 % of your income to the descendants of Levi ?  Why not ?  Because it's Old Covenant.

Many Christians likewise don't do those things today but they sure can't prove their reason.  They just say it's Old Covenant.  Because they in fact have no real  rule  or  method  of dividing as to what is old or new.

You've read in Galatians 5:4 that those who hold to the Law of Moses have fallen from Grace but many people don't even realize that they're holding to Laws of Moses.

So that's our one point.  If we don't have an exact rule as to what is Old and what is New, we're basically in the exact same state that Israel was when they forsook the Law of Moses.  A sad sad state.  Only years later did Hilkiah the priest find the Law in the Temple as he then tore his clothes out of disgust and of course probably trembling fear.

So Annie please solidify that in your mind as the one and only point we would want you to see.  The Gospels are the Law of Moses.  If you hold to them over Christ's New Covenant you are a spiritual adulterer. Romans 7:4  Don't do it.

17)  Annie wrote;

> Marriage can provide economic security, social stability, and emotional support, and a means of nurturing the future generation.  If it doesn't then that's the fault of individuals not the institution.  For you to say that it's a curse appears to border on blasphemy.

Reply Annie, we're mis-communicating because I'm pretty sure you think we're speaking against the idea of men and women being married.  Absolutely not so.

Could non-Christians have all those characteristics that you just mentioned above without a marriage certificate, you bet they could.

Could non-Christians simply fall in love and tell each other that they're going to love each other, be committed to each other, keep their finances separate, and if they fall out of love or no longer "want" to be married then they will simply go their own ways as friends, no lawyer involved, no greed involved, no fighting over things.  Sure they could.

But because they adopt the pseudo Law of Moses which demanded marriage 'till death, they play the same game that the Jewish people do today when they pretend that they're still God's Covenant people by doing Old Covenant things.  But the truth is, they were cut off when Jesus was crucified as are all non-Christians (until they obey Acts 2:38).  When people adopt Laws that are not made for them, they bring a curse upon themselves just like if I took upon the laws of a diabetic, if I started injecting myself with insulin I would curse myself.

Non-Christians who play the pseudo Law of Moses game of marriage 'till death are doing nothing more than placing a curse upon themselves because when their marriages fail (because they have no Law of Love, or Holy Spirit to help them) they become mortal enemies to each other as they try holding to this un-keepable old covenant Law of marriage until death.  Then they beat themselves up emotionally because in their minds they "failed" regarding the Law of Marriage (the non-existent law that is just deceiving them).

Today marriage is a "sex" law not a "till death do we part" law.

Yet the nations, the non-Christians all break the sex before marriage part of the law and yet they try to hold to the until death (non-existent) part of the Law.

Annie surely you can see how they've got it totally backwards.  Today just like the Sabbath, God no longer governs the Law of Divorce.  He simply declares that in order to have sex Christians must be married.  Marriage is not an untill death new covenant Law.  God's Old Covenant Mosaical marriage law was an until death Law.

18)  Annie wrote;

> Nowhere in the books of the New Testament does scripture indicate that the life and words of Christ belong to the Old Covenant.

Reply Large mistake.  The Old Covenant belonged to the Father, given by His Prophets to Israel.

Jesus said;  John 14:24  "These words you hear are not my own, they belong to the Father who sent me."

The New Covenant belongs to Jesus, given by His Apostles to the church.


Everything Jesus said and did before the Cross is  "OLD Covenant".

 Plain, simple fact.

19)  Annie wrote;

> In fact there is evidence that the Gospels are the basis of the New Covenant.

You might want to reconsider your doctrinal position.

Reply Sorry Annie, sounds like you're trying to obscure the blatant line drawn by Christ's own words, His Crucifixion, and the Day of Pentecost.

Imagine a policeman saying:  "This is kind of a law, it's not recorded anywhere but someone mentioned it a long time ago before we as a society chose police and agreed to establish laws but it sounds good to me so I use it.  And I'm arresting you now based upon this non-existent law."

Annie, when you obscure God's Laws you're in danger of nullifying the crucifixion of Christ for yourself.

In the Old Covenant rocks were thrown at a person until they died for building a fire in their house on Saturday.  If you try to put that law on us today, you curse yourself.  Galatians 3:10  All who rely on observing the law are under a curse.

Why is there a difference between then and now ?   Only because there is a dividing line between God's Covenants.


--------------------------   THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS.   -------------------------

(50 day period)

------------------------------   THE DAY of PENTECOST.   -----------------------------


If you try to squeeze laws or scripture that occurs before the Day of Pentecost over into the church (after Pentecost) you are making a fatal error.  You seem to be trying to tell us that there is no dividing line.  Well we're going to stick with Jeremiah 31:31 and the Day of Pentecost.  You can keep Moses if you want but we certainly hope that you won't teach your Doctrine to anyone.  We cherish your faith in the Messiah.

Best wishes,
Titus 1:9  Encourage others with sound Doctrine and refute those who oppose it.


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