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Matthew  19


This is definitely the biggest obstacle to Traditionalists.


Traditionalists have such a hard time understanding that in Matthew 19:9 Jesus is simply telling the Pharisees who are trying to trap him, that if they think that the present Law of Moses on divorce is strict, then they need to get a grip on the reality of what God's Law was before Moses amended it.

Back in the beginning, from Adam and Eve, the Father gave the marriage law that declared that adultery (sex outside of a marriage covenant) was the only permissible reason for divorce.

Then, because the Israelites hardened their hearts against this law, God allowed Moses to amend it.  God permitted Moses to change that law but God definitely did not desire it.  So this new law allowed the Israelites to divorce their mate for any reason as long as they gave their mate a certificate which stated that he or she was not being divorced for having committed adultery.  With this signed certificate, the divorced mate would then be able to remarry without encountering any accusations of adultery.  Because under the Law of Moses, anyone divorced for adultery could not get remarried.

So in Matthew 19:9, Jesus is not giving New Covenant Law, He is simply telling the Pharisees what the Father's true original marriage law was from the beginning, from the time that Adam and Eve were created.


Here's a question to ask yourself.  In this new age of Grace after the cross, is God about to bring back into effect a very strict divorce law that He just finished "softening" for 2,000 years ?

Is God now, after 2,000 years of affording the Israelites some grace under an old covenant of "Rules and Regulations", is God going to re-install one of His most difficult laws for His now born again children under His new covenant of Grace ?


Let us give you a hint;


No !


Jesus is well aware that His new covenant is just a couple of years away, and seeing that the Israelites had abandoned the Law of Moses, He is reserving no hesitation whatsoever towards enforcing upon them the full and complete Law of Moses.

Jesus knew full well that His torture upon the Cross was going to obliterate every single word that He was now speaking and had been speaking.  He had no problem informing the Israelites of exactly where they stood.

Jesus then admits that this Law is a very difficult Law, and ONLY the Israelites, to whom it was given, could possibly obey it.

Matthew 19:11   Jesus replied, "Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given."

The gentile nations around them would never in a million years be able to obey such a Law.  But thanks be to Jesus and His death, and His NEW Covenant Marriage Laws which were brought in on the Day of Pentecost in the first century, (1Corinthians 7) we also are


under this strict

Law of Moses.



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