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Postponing Baptism


Here's a perfect example that exposes the tragedy of those who

do not understand that Matthew 19 is old Covenant.


Traditionalists believe that it's wrong for a Christian to divorce for any reason,

(which of course is NOT true).


They believe that after a person is baptized, certain divorces are a sin.


But they have no problem with any divorces prior to baptism,

(because of course baptism erases all mistakes).




Imagine a person is in the middle of divorce proceedings and they hear the Gospel and are wanting to obey it.

In a Traditionalist's eyes, it would be much better if this person obtained their divorce prior to their Baptism, because then they could remarry anyone they wanted.  Because if they obtain their divorce AFTER their Baptism, they might be sinning and this sin might then cause them to be unable to remarry anyone later on.


So what does that promote ?


That means that according to Traditionalists, it would be BETTER for this person to postpone their Baptism, until their divorce goes through, and THEN become a Christian, so that they won't possibly sin (even though no sin is involved) and be restricted as to re-marrying.


Can you see here how ridiculous Traditionalist Doctrine is.


For people to postpone Baptism so that they can remarry is an absurdity and a tragic



What other Doctrine in God's NEW Covenant supports such illogical reasoning as does postponing Baptism ?


God does not promote sinners to play Russian roulette with their souls.


Obtaining a Divorce while you are a Christian (after Baptism) is not a sin.  There is NO reason whatsoever to postpone being Baptized INTO Jesus Christ.  The only reason this tragic mistake comes into play within Christianity, is because under Moses, a person was physically born into that Covenant.  From birth, Israelites would have been told over and over that divorcing for any reason other than adultery would be a sin and completely intolerable.  The above scenario would have been impossible.  If a person became a convert to Moses, they would simply begin offering sacrifices and there would be no concern as to when their divorce would go through, as long as they now realized that with their future wife they could no longer divorce for any reason.

But because under Christianity, since baptism is a specific marking point, when Christians speak about divorce, baptism then becomes the dividing line as to when things can or cannot happen, before or after.  This is why when people do not  "Rightly Divide"  God's Covenants, these ridiculous types of Doctrines evolve.


Postponing Baptism to enable Re-Marriage is a grievous False Doctrine.



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