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Are you a member of the church of Christ ?


If you have more than  50  members in your congregation,

we will pay you  $ 50.oo  cash to easily share this site with

your fellow Christians.  It will only take you 15 minutes.

(Email us first.)


Then follow these instructions;


Click here and open this  email extractor.

Then go to your congregation email directory.

Place your mouse anywhere on it and   "right click".

Then click on   "select all".

Then  "right click"  on the highlighted area and click on  "copy".

Then  "right click"  your curser anywhere in the email extractor.

Then click on   "paste".     Then click on the  "EXTRACT"  button.


The maximum number of members you can email at one time is 20.

So what you have to do is repeat  # 1  to  5  below until you have mailed all of your fellow Christians.

1.  "Highlight" and "cut" 20 addresses that are in the extractor.

2.  Then click on   Launch Mail

3.  Then place your mouse in the  "Cc:"  box and  "Right Click"  on  "paste".

4.  Then type your own email address in the  "To:"  box.

5.  Then click the  "Send"  button.   Repeat #1 to 5 until you're done.


(Only the first participant of any congregation can qualify for the $ 50.oo)



Tell your friends now and save them at least ten years of Bible Study.


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