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The  Unification  of  Gravity  and  Magnetism


( mathematically proven on )



After thousands of years man finally knows "exactly" what causes


The Force of Magnetism.


Gravity is the result of the ocean of Electrical-Mass Pressure that surrounds the earth and is right now pushing you down onto the earth.  As this Electrical-Mass moves into and through the earth it creates the earth's Magnetic Field just like the magnetic field around any common magnet.  The varying Frequencies and Wavelengths of electrical-mass is also responsible for the Electromagnetic spectrum.



When a piece of metal is turned it into a magnet via the use of electricity changing its atomic lattice structure,



the atomic structure is rearranged so that the flow of electrical-mass passes through the structure in only one direction or at least much more easily in that one direction.



This is why an object becomes Magnetized.  It is really nothing more than a simple tunnel for the "electrical-mass-flow" passing through it.  All of the electrical-mass around this metal bar (like water at the bottom of the ocean) is wanting to enter the bar via the pressure of Gravity.  Electrical-mass upon all of its surfaces is forcing its way into the metal bar and due to the rearrangement of the atomic lattice, the flow now occurs more easily in only one direction.  The bar has now become a very simple electrical-mass-flow gun.


This flow of electrical-mass through the metal bar

is the very definition of Magnetism.



The pressure of electrical-mass (Gravity) that surrounds the earth now enters all of the surfaces of the two bars and then flows through the bars much easier in one direction which then results in the bars either;


A -   being attracted towards each other via the same Bernoulli effect as an atomizer that draws up liquid.

B -  repelling each other as the flowing electrical-mass will not move "through itself".

C -  repelling each other as the flowing electrical-mass gathers at the entrance of the two magnets and the electrical-mass once again does not allow passage through itself.



Magnetism is the flow of electrical-mass through the altered lattice of a piece of mass and that flow is caused by the pressure of Gravity.  (The very reason why the velocity of Magnetism and the velocity of Gravity is identical.)


Electrical-mass Pressure is the  "root cause"  of Gravity.


Gravity is the  "root cause"  of Magnetism.


Heated air does not rise because it is hotter, it rises because it has a greater (A) value.  Any particle of Mass with a greater A value has a higher temperature because Temperature = AxZDue to the fact that electrical-mass Density is equal to m/A3Z6 we can see the relationship between Density and the Acceleration of Gravity and that the hot air is really being "pushed less" downward by Gravity due to the heated particle's lesser Density.  The electrical-mass (Gravity) moving downward through hotter air moves more easily through it and therefore does not push as hard upon it and therefore it rises due to the colder (more dense) air around it being pushed down more readily.





The accepted equation for magnetism is;


F = q(v x B)


F  =  Magnetic Force  (F = Electrical-Mass x Acceleration) (F = Newton) (mA)

q  =  Electric charge of the particle  (q = Coulombs) (mA)

v  =  Velocity vector of particle  (v = Meters / Second) (AZ)

B  =  Magnetic field  (B = Weber / Meter2) (Teslas) (1/AZ)



The above is in complete unity with the one true Energy equation
derived from


E = mA2Z2


and all its variables;


Electricity = m(AZ)2
Electrical-mass = m

Acceleration = A

Time = Z

Joule = mA2Z2

Watt = mA2Z

Coulomb = mA

Volt = AZ2

Amp = mA/Z

Weber = AZ3

Farad = m/Z2

Ohm = Z3/m

Tesla = 1/AZ

Siemen = m/Z3

El. Field =  1/1
( Volt / Meter )

Henry = Z4/m







The Unification of Gravity with Magnetism

was discovered by  AZ


See the complete and amazing story at

www. EinsteinGravity .com



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