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Monumental   Scientific   Discovery  !




The third biggest revelation in Physics of this 21st Century  !


Technically,  the  Mass  within  Mass,  does  not  contain  energy.


Mass contains atoms (mass) that are stretching apart  the aether.

( Do not be quick to reject this proven Reality based upon E=mc2 )



There are  5  major facts that we absolutely need to understand;



1.  Space (the aether) is not empty.  It is a lattice of quantum magnetic particles that form an elastic ocean that we call space.


2.  The electrical Volt (AZ2) is the  - Circumference -  of any spherical volume, of an expansion  "within"  the aether.  Running a magnet through a coil is the most common example of creating an expansion within a volume of space (aether).


3.  When any electrical connection is made, the aether Volt contracts back to its natural position as it pushes free electrons along any given conductor and the result is - Electricity.


4.  Gravity is the  "Pressure"  of space that surrounds the earth.  Pressure  =  Density x Temp2.  Gravity is just a simple difference in Densities.  This is why the Temperature difference of a hot air balloon causes it to move against Gravity.


5.  The earth is in a helix orbit around the sun.  The sun is also moving in its own orbit around the center of our galaxy.  The path of the earth through space is a Torroid.



And so, from the above  "facts"  and this image below we can now see the biggest Physics revelation of this  21st Century.  The Energy of any mass is  only proportional to its Velocity x the volume of space that the mass Displaces.


There is absolutely  NO  energy  "inside"  any mass.  An atomic bomb derives its energy from quantum particles being moved out of their orbits and hence the  "aether collapsing"  down as the fuel mass becomes smaller.


The  "Velocity"  of mass through space, plus the  "Volume" (Volt) of space that any mass displaces, is the  ONLY  connection between mass and energy !





E = mc2  is only the  "shadow"  of the  3  true factors of Mass Energy, which are;


1.   Sun orbit Velocity.

2.   Earth orbit Velocity.

3.   The (Pressure x Volume) energy of the Mass due to its displacement of aether.


The Velocity of Light = 299,792,458 m/s


The (Velocity of Light)2  =  89,875,517,873,682,000.0


From the mathematics at the bottom of this page we see that;


The Velocity of the Sun  =  385,651.61272003


The Velocity of the Earth  =  30,689.1802377773


The velocity of the Sun x the velocity of the Earth  =  11,835,331,851.7545


The (Velocity of Light)2 divided by  11,835,331,851.7545  =  7,593,831.67277718  which we will call the  "Differential Velocity".  This is the Velocity that is  "contained within"  the electrical composition of the earth as it moves through space.


The square root of the Differential Velocity  =  2,755.69077960086


Density  x  Velocity2  =  Pressure.


Therefore, if you take the Density of the earth and multiply it by  2,755.690779600862, this then gives us the Pressure of the aether surrounding the volume of the earth  =  37,090,815,805.5138


Pressure  x  Volume  =  Energy.


The volume of the earth  =  1.0725309985645 x 1021


The energy (P x V) pertaining to the earth according to Residual Velocity  =  37,090,815,805.5138  x  1.0725309985645 x 1021

=  3.9781049713458 x 1031


That Energy then multiplied by the original (Sun x Earth) Velocities (11,835,331,851.7545)  =


4.7082185110518 x 1041


The Energy of the earth according to Albert Einstein's  mc2  is =


4.7082185110518 x 1041


Hence we can see that for the last  100 years, Einstein's  E=mc2  has hidden the fact that Mass does  "not"  contain energy.



Einstein's  E=mc2  has now been  Re-defined as;


E = m (Sun velocity x Earth velocity x Res. velocity)




The Pressure of Gravity surrounding the earth, multiplied by the Velocity of the sun in orbit, multiplied by the Velocity of earth in orbit  =  the ENERGY of the Earth.




Read this very closely;




The  c2  in Einstein's  E = mc2  is simply a much less revealing form of;



Sun Velocity  x  Earth Velocity  x  Residual Velocity.

(Residual Velocity is within the Pressure x Volume of Gravity.)


Mass does   "not"   "contain"   Energy.



The  c2  of  E = mc2  is exactly parallel to this mathematical sequence below;



8  x  8  =  64

( c  x  c  =  c2 )



4  x  2  x  8  =  64

( Vs  x  Ve  x  Vr  =  c2 )



However the second sequence represents the  TRUE  origin of energy via 3  different Velocities.  The  4  represents Sun velocity.  The  2  represents  Earth velocity.  The  8  represents  Residual velocity.


E = mc2  is a brilliant equation however it has also led man to an extremely critical error regarding energy.  The very  "core"  of  ALL  forms of energy has one source and one source only, and that source is  "Star Combustion".


Star combustion then produces the Pressure of space, which is the origin of Gravity, Electricity, Heat, etc., yes  "every"  form of energy known to man.




Be sure to see the


Biggest Physics discovery of this  21st Century .






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