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" The elasticity of space pushing free electrons. "




The Acceleration of earth in orbit, multiplied by earth orbit Diameter, equals the Velocity of light (299,792,458)



Acceleration     x     Diameter     =     299,792,458



.00100338656877     x     298,780,616,894.579     =     299,792,458


(Note that  "Acceleration x Diameter"  is exactly equal to  "orbit Velocity2 / Pi")

(These Correct Earth Values must be used.)


The above equations are only portions of larger equations, which when realized, are the very structure of Electricity.  The earth in orbit is a giant unit of electricity because;


Star combustion pressing against the elasticity of space drives earth orbit.


The earth orbiting the sun is a giant electron.


Electricity is the elasticity of space pushing free electrons.



The equation for electricity, clearly proven on  is;



m = mass          A = Acceleration          Z = Time



mA   x   AZ2   =   mA2Z2   =   Energy

Coulomb   x   Volt   =   Joule   =   Electricity




mA/Z   x   AZ3   =   mA2Z2   =   Energy

Amp   x   Weber   =   Joule   =   Electricity



And you can see in this image below, the particle orbiting is either the "Coulomb" or the "Amp" and the Circumference of the orbit is the "Volt".




As the equation is expanded even more, by realizing that Diameter is equivalent to "Circumference / Pi", we can now begin to see the electrical equation that is hidden behind  Acceleration x Diameter = 299,792,458.

As we expand the root equation, the broader hidden equation of Electricity is unveiled below;


Acceleration   x   Diameter   =   299,792,458

Diameter = Circumference / π

m x Acceleration x Circumference / π = m x 299,792,458    
Coulomb x Volt / π = Electrical Energy / π =   mv2 / π  
Coulomb / Second x Volt x Time / π = Electrical Energy / π =   mv2 / π  
Amp x Weber / π = Electrical Energy / π =   mv2 / π  
Electrical Energy = mv2        
299,792,458 x π = v2    
Coulomb x Volt = m x 299,792,458 x  π    
    Electricity = mcπ  
(m  x  Acceleration) x (Circumference) = mv2 =   Electricity =   Joule
Coulomb x Volt = Joule    
Amp x Weber = Joule    
    Earth in Orbit = Electrical  Energy  



Because the earth in orbit = electrical energy, and the earth in orbit is driven by star combustion pushing against the elasticity of space, (as well as the fact that the earth in orbit is a free electron), this then declares that;


The elasticity of space pushing free electrons  " is "  Electricity.


Hence when the elasticity of space is stretched apart (forming the Volt's diameter) via a magnet moving through a coil, as that volume of space contracts back due to circuit connection, it then pushes free electrons along any given conductor and Electricity is produced.







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