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Scoffers need to give their heads

a shake.




There are at least   15   UN-deniable facts

on  that are so far beyond refute

that anyone who scoffs at them is nothing short of


D E L U S I O N A L.





E = mV2

E = m(Acceleration x Time)2

  E = m(AxZ)2

  E = mA2Z2



E = Energy    m = quantum Mass    A= Acceleration    Z = Time


  Joule = (Watt x Time), (Volt x Coulomb), (mA2Z2)

  Watt = (Volt x Amp), (Amp2 x Ohm), (Volt2 / Ohm), (mA2Z)

  Ampere = (Watt / Volt), (Volt / Ohm), (√Watt / Ohm), (mA/Z)

  Volt = (Amp x Ohm), (Joule / Coulomb), (Watt / Amp), (√Watt x Ohm), (AZ2)

  Ohm = (Volt / Amp), (Watt / Amp2), (Joule / Amp2 x Time), (Z3/m)

  Coulomb = (Amp x Time), (Joule / Volt), (Volt x Farad), (mA)

  Farad = (Joule / Volt2), (Coulomb / Volt), (Coulomb2 / Joule), (m/Z2)

  Weber = (Volt x Time), (Henry x Amp), (AZ3)

  Tesla = (Weber / meter2), (Volt x Second / meter2), (1/AZ)

  Siemen = (Time / Mass), (Amp / Volt), (Inverse Ohm), (m/Z3)

   Electric Field = (Volt / Coulomb), (Ohm / Time), (Volt/Meter = 1/1)

  Henry = (Ohm x Time), (Volt x Time / Amp), (Joule x Time2 / Coulomb2), (Z4/m)

   Acceleration = (Volt / Time2), (Temp2 / Volt), (Watt / Coulomb x Time), (A)

  Time = (Volt x Tesla), (Coulomb / Amp), (Ohm x Farad), (Z)





15   UN - Deniable  Facts  !




1)  The first is that;

ALL  electrical entities in the above table (based upon the energy equation  E = mA2Z2  coincide exactly with each and every historically proven electrical SI unit on Wikipedia.

( )



2)  The second is that;

Wikipedia declares that the Magnetic Field of earth is  .000032 Teslas.  The above table on EinsteinElectricitycom declares that the Tesla  =  1/AZ  =  1/ orbit Velocity.  When you divide  1/earth orbit Velocity  you get;  1 / 30,689.1802  =  .000032 Teslas.



3)  The third is that;

The Velocity of earth orbit squared, divided by Pi   =   the Velocity of Light.

30689.18023762592   /   3.1415926536   =   299,792,458 m/s



4)  The fourth is that;

The Acceleration of earth's Gravity  x  earth orbit Time (exact lunar year)  =  the Velocity of Light.

9.8 m/s2  x  30689.1802376259 s  =  299,792,458 m/s



5)  The fifth is that;

The Acceleration of planet earth in orbit  x  orbit Diameter  =  the Velocity of Light.

.00100338656877  x  298,780,616,894.579  =  299,792,458

(further explanation re: this fact)



6)  The sixth is that;

The Volume of the earth divided by Gravity3 x 2 (calculated in grams)  =  Avogadro's Number  =  the Pressure of space surrounding earth x Pi divided by Gravity3 x (orbit Time2 / Density2=  the Pressure of space governing how many atoms it squeezes into 12 grams of Carbon.


Mathematical origin of Avogadro's Number


602 318 297 074 673 029 014 960


6.0231829  x  1023



7)  The seventh is that;

When the moon is high in the night's sky (to avoid magnification via earth's atmosphere) and a mirror is placed upon the ground, the image of the moon upon that mirror is  1.159 centimeters in Diameter.



When that diameter of the image of the moon is multiplied by the factor of light's velocity (299,792,458) this gives the exact physical diameter of the moon.


1.159 cm  x  299,792,458  =  3474.8 kilometers  (physical diameter of the moon)


This occurs due to the fact that the "Pressure of Gravity" (pushing force) compresses the moon's image.  After the image wave reflects off of the moon taking 1.2 seconds to travel from moon to earth, moving down through the ocean of ether-mass pressure (Gravity) that surrounds the earth, the image is then compressed by a factor of the velocity of light.  However it's actually compressed by the velocity of  "Gravity"  because that is the speed at which the ocean of quantum-mass that surrounds the earth is squeezing the image down.  This is also the velocity of  "Electricity"  because it is also the speed at which the ocean of ether-mass compresses back (after any voltage potential is created) and it then Accelerates free electrons upon any given conductor thus creating a  -wave-  of electrical current upon that conductor and hence every form of electricity anywhere on earth.

This size reduced squeezing occurs for the "physical image" of the moon in the exact same way that it occurs for a "physical object".  When a beach ball is taken from the surface of the ocean down to the ocean floor, the ball becomes extremely compressed in the exact physical way when the light image reflects off of the moon and moves down through the ocean of ether-mass pressure that surrounds the earth.



8)  The eighth is that;

Gravity and Time are one.  Every method of producing time on earth is directly connected to Gravity.  The Pressure of the ocean of quantum-mass (ether) that surrounds the earth, caused by the combustion of all stars, is what causes Gravity and Time.  Stars combusting create space Pressure = Gravity.  Stars combusting create planet orbit = Time.  Hence we can easily see the exact reason why each and every method of producing Time on earth contains a direct connection to Gravity.


Sundial clock =

Gravity (space Pressure created by the combustion of all stars) pushing earth to orbit and spin.

Hourglass clock =

Gravity pushing sand downward.

Water clock =

Gravity pushing water downward.

Pendulum clock =

Gravity creates weight which is transformed into pendulum motion.

Mechanical clock =

Gravity creates magnetism (  Springs are simply quantum magnetic tension.

Quartz clock =

Gravity is Energy. Energy = Pressure x Volume. The root of a Quartz clock is the Piezoelectric effect which is Pressure upon the Volume of a quartz crystal that is then turned into units of Time.

Atomic clock =

Gravity is the Pressure of electrical-mass surrounding the earth which is caused by the acceleration of electrical-mass. The root of atomic physics is the acceleration of quantum-mass.


Pressure x Volume = Energy. Space is an ocean of quantum-mass Energy. Below we can see how all combusting stars drive the earth's orbit. Pressure is a product of Density x Temperature2. As we move towards the surface of the earth the Pressure of ether-mass increases and is the very origin of both Gravity and Time.




9)  The ninth is that;

The Pendulum "proves" that Gravity is a Pushing force.  Visualize in your left hand you are holding the sun and in your right hand you're holding the earth.  The distance between the sun and earth is "exactly" equivalent to the adjustable length of any pendulum upon earth.





According to this foundational mathematical law (that cannot be broken)



Gravity  Acc.


Length of pendulum  x  Tau2




If you move the earth away from the sun (a longer pendulum) Gravity must become greater.


If you move the earth closer to the sun (a shorter pendulum) Gravity must become less.


Think of it in relation to simple mathematics;






(no change)



If the above  10  decreases then the  2  must decrease.







5  (no change)



If the above  10  decreases into a  5  then the  2  must decrease into a  1.


When a pendulum is aligned lengthwise along the Radius of the earth and is between the earth and the sun, the shortening of the pendulum is exactly comparable to shortening the earth's orbit Radius.





Hence according to mathematical law;


Below if the  "Pendulum Length"  decreases then  "Gravity Acceleration"  must decrease.



Pendulum Length

(earth Radius)



Gravity Acc.

( must  De-crease )



( no change )


Pendulum Length

(earth Radius)



Gravity Acc.

( must  In-crease )



( no change )



The above fundamental law demands that a;


Longer Pendulum     =     Greater Gravity

Shorter Pendulum     =     Lesser Gravity



But  wait, what we're taught in school is the "exact opposite".


We are taught that if the Gravity of the earth becomes less, then the earth would move away from the sun. (Longer pendulum)


We are taught that if the Gravity of the earth becomes greater, then the earth would move towards the sun. (Shorter pendulum)



The above pure Mathematics that declares these absolute truths;


Longer Pendulum     =     Greater Gravity

Shorter Pendulum     =     Lesser Gravity



completely contradicts what our schools are currently teaching;


Longer Pendulum     =     Lesser Gravity

Shorter Pendulum     =     Greater Gravity



The above mathematical physics (that cannot be denied) declares that Gravity is "physically" the exact opposite of its current definition.



Gravity is the exact  opposite  of what we are now being taught.


Gravity is   not   a pulling force.


Gravity is absolutely a  " PUSHING "  force.



Gravity is a pushing force of space  "Pressure"  (yes, space is not empty) that surrounds the earth.  Gravity is a simple Acceleration pertaining to a difference between the  Density  of space surrounding the earth and the individual  Density  of any object that falls to earth.



Gravity  =  Pressure that is right now


"Pushing"  you down onto the earth.



10)  The tenth is that;

Gravity is just a "fraction" of the Centripetal Acceleration of earth.  When earth's orbit values are input into the equation for a Pendulum, the resulting value for the Gravity equals earth's Centripetal Acceleration.

The equation for a simple pendulum is;


Gravity  =  Length  x  Tau2  /  Time2


When you input earth orbit values into the equation above, you get;


earth Centripetal Acceleration  =  orbit Radius  x  Tau2  /  orbit Time2




earth c.Acceleration  =  Gravity x Pi / Density






11)  The eleventh is that;

The .




12)  The twelfth is that;

The .




13)  The thirteenth is that;

The .




14)  The fourteenth is that;

The .




15)  The fifteenth is that;

The .










4)  The fourth enormous probability is that when;

The diameter of the image of the moon that hits the surface of the earth is multiplied by the factor of light's velocity (299,792,458) this then gives the exact physical diameter of the moon.


1.159 cm  x  299,792,458  =  3474.8 kilometers  (the moon's true physical diameter).


Light images traveling down through the ocean of electrical-mass that surrounds the earth (Gravity) are squeezed down in size exactly like a physical object is squeezed down as it travels down through any ocean of water.



7)  The seventh huge probability is that;

The Density of planet earth is equal to the Radius of earth's orbit divided by the orbit Time of the earth.

Earth Density  =  orbit Radius  /  orbit Time

4884.334734230782  =  149,390,308,447.289  /  30,585,600



8)  The eighth giant fact is that;

The unalterable scientific equation  F=mA  declares beyond refute that in our universe,  "Pulling Forces"  absolutely cannot and do not exist.  Force only "exists" upon the forward moving surface of any accelerated particle.



9)  The ninth cosmological fact is that;

The Pressure x Volume of the earth's energy sphere is equal to the Mass of the earth x it's Velocity squared.



10)  The Centripetal Force of the earth in its orbit is equal to the Pressure of the earth's energy sphere x 1/3 of that sphere's Surface Area.



11)  3-dimensional  Pi  is the volume of any energy sphere divided by  1/6  the diameter cubed.



12)  The earth's orbit Circumference and Velocity must be calculated via "pure" mathematics as opposed to external methods. For when the orbit Circumference of earth (AZ2) is calculated at 938,646,991,071.036 meters and its orbit Acceleration as .00100338656876 m/s2, we can then determine earth's orbit Velocity as exactly 30,689.1802374659 m/s. All pure values can be seen here - Earth Facts.


Hence the following list of extraordinary mathematics unfolds;



a)   Orbit velocity2 / Pi = Speed of Light.

b)   Planet Density2 x 4 Pi = Speed of Light.

c)   Planet Denisty2 x 2 Tau = Speed of Light.

d)   9,768.669468531722 x Pi = Speed of Light.

e)   Gravity Acceleration x Orbit Time = Speed of Light.

f)   Orbit Acceleration x Orbit Diameter = Speed of Light.

g)   Orbit Velocity x 2 x planet Density = Speed of Light.

h)   Orbit Velocity x 9,768.66946853172 = Speed of Light.

i)   Gravity x orbit Velocity x orbit Diameter = Speed of Light.

j)   Surface Area of orbit sphere x planet Density / orbit Radius = Speed of Light.

k)   Orbit Diameter / 9,768.66946853172 = Orbit Time.

l)   Orbit Distance / planet Density / Tau = Orbit Time.

m)   Orbit Distance / 9,768.66946853172 / Pi = Orbit Time.

n)   Centripetal Acceleration x orbit Radius / Pi = Orbit Time.

o)   Gravitational Acceleration x Pi / orbit Acceleration2 = Orbit Time.

p)   Planet Density x Tau = Orbit Velocity.

q)   9,768.66946853172 x Pi = Orbit Velocity.

r)   Gravity Acceleration x Orbit Time / 2 x planet Density = Orbit Velocity.

s)   Gravity Acceleration / 2 earth Density = Orbit Acceleration.

t)   Gravity Acceleration / 9,768.66946853172 = Orbit Acceleration.

u)   Planet Density x Magnetic Field of planet = 1 / Tau.

v)   Planet Velocity / planet Density = 6.28318530 = 2Pi = Tau.

w)   The velocity of light / 9,768.66946853172 = earth Orbit Velocity.

x)   Earth orbit velocity / 9,768.66946853172 = Pi.

y)   Velocity of light / Pi √ = 9,768.66946853172.



( 9,768.66946853172 = 2 x earth Density = 4,884.33473426586 kg/m3 = 4.884 g/cm3 )


See how the above mathematics also holds true for the planet MARS.






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