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This is a SERIOUS proposal to you, if you're a millionaire, for we know new millionaires are being created around the world EVERYDAY.

So please let us give you specific insight as to what we at


www. findthetruth .com


are looking to be in the future. Thus you might consider the opportunity to be a part of what we see as a Major Force, around the world, in leading souls to God's church.

Right now if you could see the number of people who are looking and wanting to find Truth, the ONE Doctrine of God's NEW Covenant which cannot be proven false like Denominational Doctrines, you would be amazed.

Today we are very excited to forward to you, our vision if you might be interested in looking to accomplish GIANT feats via the Internet.

This is our dream,

Right now we are answering emails on a regular basis with minimal advertising and believe us, the spiritual war is raging between True and False Doctrine. We are thankful to God and are extremely excited to have already had the privilege of leading many souls to the Truth. What we definitely see in the future, is a room filled with 50 people, working 8 hours a day, all at their computers, placing adds, answering email, and engaging in serious conversation, Refuting False Doctrine, and directing souls to congregations nearest them, or assisting them in the planting of new congregations.

HOWEVER, should live voice transmission become the norm on the Internet (instead of present typing), we will see a massive leap forward in the opportunity for a Fast Paced, Organized, and Highly Dedicated group of people in a very technologically advanced, full-time setting of - Evangelism.

Please take a minute and imagine this;

1. An office filled with people who love to share the Gospel, HIGHLY motivated, filled with the Spirit, and who in no way, are immune to joy and laughter.

2. A highly organized environment containing addresses of congregations, email addresses, phone numbers, maps, ( you name it ), All at the tip of your fingers, via computer.

3. Computer files containing immediate access to answers for refuting every denominational False Doctrine.

4. People placing adds in every area of life on the Internet around the world.

5. Full time people answering inquiries from nationwide advertisements, whether via T.V. , Radio, Billboard, or any Christian simply handing out the findthetruth address, etc.

6. People offering immediate answers regarding Sound Doctrine, as well as life skills answers to a world that is home to an untold number of oppressed souls.

7. Your resources, going to what we feel would be the most productive and rewarding venture, this side of feeding and clothing the needy.


Take a moment and     . . .     IMAGINE  with us  !


Then CONTACT US and let's send this Force into BATTLE.


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