Above  All  Else . . .



If you haven't obeyed  ACTS 2:38, then find someone

to baptize you (by immersion) INTO  Christ and do it today !



" Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ so that

your sins may be forgiven and you will receive the gift of the holy Spirit. "






Now ask yourself this one question;



Why are people reluctant to accept God's Word for what it  "plainly"  says ?



Sure denominations can help people learn the Bible but they will always be a very serious enemy against the  unity  that Jesus prayed for in

John 17:23
"May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me, and that you love them even as you have loved me."


Each of these denominations below promotes a Doctrine that plainly assists the devil's joy of  "dividing Christ".  And doctrines that contradict God's Word are really nothing more than tragic man made flaws.



The alliance denomination only exists because of its  . . .                alliance DOCTRINE.

The baptist denomination only exists because of its  . . .                   baptist DOCTRINE.

The catholic denomination only exists because of its  . . .                catholic DOCTRINE.

The ICOC (Boston cofC) only exists because of its  . . .                    icoc  works DOCTRINE.

The Jehovah's witness denomination only exists because of its . . .        J.w. DOCTRINE.

The lutheran denomination only exists because of its . . .                 lutheran DOCTRINE.

The mormon denomination only exists because of its . . .                 mormon DOCTRINE.

The pentecostal denomination only exists because of its . . .      pentecostal DOCTRINE.

The presbyterian denomination only exists because of its . . .   presbyterian DOCTRINE.

The seventh day adventist denomination only exists because of its . . .    sda DOCTRINE.




Click on this for overwhelming proof

that Jesus only established  ONE  church.




Have you ever wondered why God created monkeys ?  Especially when they give so much power to atheists and their theories of evolution ?  Well let us tell you why.  Because God is the "ultimate" God of fairness.  He gives every possible means to non-believers so that they can have their way if they want.  Without monkeys on the earth, atheist theories would be greatly disadvantaged.


Well God has also given every person on the planet many different possible doctrines to choose from.  God could have easily written His word very cut and dried and so plainly that there would be absolutely no question whatsoever regarding Doctrine.  But God didn't do that, instead He wrote the Bible in such a way that gives every person the ability to embrace their own flawed doctrine if they so choose.



However that does not change the fact that God's one true Doctrine fits with  ALL  scriptures, whereas all false doctrines only harmonize with  SOME  scriptures.



And then God says;


1Timothy 4:16
Watch your Doctrine, persevere in it because it will save both you and those who hear you.



* * Important Note * *


The word church is simply the Greek word for assembly or called out.

And every church can only exist because of whatever doctrine it embraces.


False  Doctrine  is one of satan's most sinister tools because with it he is able to promote denominations which only hinder those who are searching for Truth.  Those who are searching for the church that Jesus established back on the Day of Pentecost (33 a.d.)  And False Doctrine is rampant in today's religious world.


1 Timothy 6:3
If anyone teaches False Doctrines and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to Godly teaching, he is conceited and understands nothing.


Surely you would think that any empathetic human being would pursue unity in light of the torture that Jesus went through, Right ?  Well not so.  Many religious people would much rather just follow their own feelings rather than God's True doctrine.  And by doing so they then support denominations and divisions based upon false man-made doctrines, just like Paul prophesied would happen.


Acts 20:30
Men will arise and distort the Truth in order to draw away their own followers.


According to Acts 20:30, Jesus did not endure excruciating pain in order to build denominations.  God's church is called to refute False doctrines.


Titus 1:9
Encourage others with sound Doctrine and refute those who oppose it.


Those who refuse to abandon False teachings are actually saying to Jesus,


"We know that your crucifixion may have been a bit uncomfortable but we just don't see a real need to pursue True doctrine, but thanks anyway."


And yet, get this;


Society would never accept a police force that did not pursue truth.

Society would never accept a school system where teachers teach that 2+2=5.


So why is it that only in the realm of religion, is man so willing to accept so many teachings that blatantly contradict what God's Word states ?


Perhaps it was even prophesied;


2 Timothy 4:3
For the time will come when men will not put up with Sound Doctrine.  Instead to suit their own desires they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.


God's church does not have a NameIt can't.


It's the church, God's vessel of salvation from the cross on, just like Noah's ark.  The church is God's last and eternal kingdom, prophesied 600 years before Christ in Isaiah 9:7 and Daniel 2:44

God refers to His ONE church using four different terms;


1. The church of the Living God

2. The church of God

3. The church of the Firstborn, and

4. The church of Christ


These are not meant to be  "Names of Denominations".  They are only references that God uses concerning His Body .




Characteristics of God’s church


1. God’s one church was Prophesied to be God's last reigning Kingdom, an Eternal Kingdom, one that would last forever. - Daniel 2:44, Isaiah 9:7

2. Godís church was NOT founded by any man or woman, but rather by Jesus Christ who is its only Founder and its only Foundation. - 1Corinthians 3:11

3. Godís church was started by Jesus, He began its construction in the first century, it was born on the day of Pentecost and on that day the church grew by 3,000. - Acts 2:41

4. Godís church is made up of repentant sinners, not buildings, etc. and only God Himself adds believers to His one Body.  This happens when they choose to accept His Word and obey His ONE Plan of Salvation. - Acts 2:38  Acts 2:47

5. Godís church is not governed by any earthly headquarters, but rather Jesus in Heaven is the Head of the church. - Ephesians 5:23

6. Godís church will be rivaled against by False Doctrines and the False Teachers who promote them. - Acts 20:30

7. Godís church is DEFINED by itís one Doctrine, the Doctrine of Christ's New Covenant.  God's church is NOT a Denomination, it can't be.  Denominations are False Divisions that break off of God’s church. - Titus 1:9  Acts 20:30




Most   Important   Fact


The majority of denominations do not Baptize sinners into the body of Christ for the forgiveness of a person's sins and to receive the gift (indwelling seal) of the Holy Spirit.


Acts 2:38 - Romans 6:3 - Galatians 3:27 - 1Peter 3:21


Were you added to God's Body by God Himself ?

Acts 2:47
The Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.


Were you added to Christ's Body according to the doctrine of His New Covenant ?


Acts 2:38
Repent and be Baptized, everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven.  And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.


By the sounds of this next scripture, God doesn't like man made teachings.


Matthew 15:9
They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.


Contemplate what the world would be like with no denominations.  Just one church around the world perfectly united in mind and thought, exactly like what Paul and God plead for.


1Corinthians 1:10
I plead with you brothers, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another so that there may be  "no divisions"  among you and that you may be perfectly united in mind and thought.


Imagine non-Christians seeing ONE church.  Whoa, how powerful would that be !  Indeed the unbelieving world would then say in their hearts, wow God must really have sent His Son to this world.  Well that is exactly what Jesus prayed for.


 John 17:22
I have given them the glory that You gave me, that they may be one as we are one, I in them and You in me.  May they be brought to complete unit
y to let the world know that You sent me and have loved them even as You have loved me.


But now the world only rightfully mocks saying  "Those religious wackos can't even get that Bible of theirs to agree, let alone persuade us to believe."


Denominations do nothing more than bring doubt to the minds of unbelievers.  Denominations (those who refuse to abandon false teachings, not the innocent folks who are in them searching for Truth) are nothing more than a disgrace towards God's Word as they fuel satan's war on Truth.  Denominations actually enable satan, in a most sinister way, to spit in Jesus' face.



Pursue God's True doctrine, not denominations.



And wow, absolutely every atheist must see this;












Imagine your own self hanging on a cross.

Your desire to make that end is perhaps the same degree to which Jesus would like you to copy this html and post this banner wherever you can.


<a href=http://www.members.shaw.ca/findthetruth><img src=http://www.members.shaw.ca/findthetruth/FalseDoctrines.jpg>






Go ahead, partake in the

Poll of the Century  !


Is it true that when a sincerely mistaken person is presented with truth, that they then cease to be mistaken or they cease to be sincere ?

I can't answer this sincerely.
I hate these kinds of questions, they remind me of the ones that Jesus asked the Pharisees.
This Website is great, God does only have one church. And as for satan and his desire for Denominations, phooey !   Titus 1:9 and worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth are the only way to go.
I belong to a denomination but I'm just too set in my ways to pursue God's one church,  therefore this poll is kind o' making me feel as though I might wanna crucify you guys.
I belong to a denomination but I realize now that satan has spent far too much time deceiving me, I'm going to try and influence those I worship with to drop any False Doctrines.









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