Satan's biggest scheme is to continue pushing False Doctrine and one of the biggest travesties in Christianity today is definitely the teaching that people can;

Pray Jesus into their hearts



The Truth, is that God's gift of Salvation which is the forgiveness of our sins, can only be obtained by being  " IN "  Christ.


Ephesians 1:7  "In Him we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins."


And people are only  "BAPTIZED INTO"  Christ.


(Acts 2:38, Romans 6:3, Galatians 3:27, 1Peter 3:21, 1Corinthians 12:13, Acts 22:16, and more)


However the devil would love for you to believe these Lies;


1. The LIE that you can pray Jesus into your heart.

(This teaching is NOT in the Bible)


2. The LIE that you can be in a salvational relationship with God by simply uttering some sort of verbal or mental acceptance of Jesus as your savior.

(The false sinner's prayer is also NOT in the Bible)


3. The LIE that Denominations are O.K.

(Denominations are nothing more than false teachers pushing their false doctrines.)




The 3 most deceptive arguments that are most commonly used to promote the false Sinner's Prayer are;



1.  ROMANS 10:9






Click on this link to see how satan uses

Romans 10:9

to promote the false  Sinner's Prayer.








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