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NO, Romans 10:9 is NOT a valid argument against the fact that sinners are baptized  " into "  God's church for these very simple reasons;


In Romans 10:9, the Apostle Paul is talking to people who are ALREADY Christians.  Those people are already saved.  And we are plainly told how they entered into God's New Covenant and became saved 4 chapters earlier in Romans 6:3;


Romans 6:3  Or don't you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death.


In Romans 10:9 Paul is speaking about the contrast between the unsaved Jews who didn't believe in Jesus and how it is that the Christians in Rome are and will remain saved if they simply continue in their belief of the one doctrine that Paul preached to them (Acts 2:38).  If you have a close look at the Greek of Romans 10:10 you will see that it reads;


       For it is with your heart that you believe to, towards, justification.

And it is with your mouth that you confess to, towards, salvation.


Romans 10:9 is not saying that you become saved by just believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth !  The Greek refers to Belief and Confession as being things that only lead towards salvation.  Which of course is exactly true as they are prerequisites of being baptized into Christ, which is the very instant when;


1.  Christ's Blood is applied to the believer. (Just like the Lamb's blood was applied to the Israelite doorposts and protected them)

2.  The Holy Spirit is now able to enter their body. (Now a sinless temple, as He seals the believer, marking them as belonging to Christ)

3.  A person becomes saved. (Enters into a Covenant with God)


As Ephesians 1:7 declares that IN (baptized into) Jesus, we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins (salvation).




NO, the thief on the cross is not a valid argument against the fact that sinners are baptized  " into "  God's church for these very simple reasons;


God has made 2 covenants between Himself and man and they are very different;


1.  The OLD was between Himself and those before the death of Christ.

2.  The NEW is between Himself and everyone after the death of Christ.


The Thief on the Cross was under the OLD covenant.


New Covenant baptism  " into "  the body of Christ for the forgiveness of sins and to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) was not a part of God's old covenant.  Jesus telling the thief that he would be in paradise that day was no different than Jesus telling any of the other people that their sins were forgiven, or physically healing them.


Matthew 9:5  Which is easier to say, "Your sins are forgiven", or to say "Get up and walk" ?




NO, deathbed salvation is not a valid argument against the fact that sinners are baptized  " into "  God's church for these very simple reasons;


People say that presenting the truth of the Gospel, that sinners are Baptized into the body of Christ to receive the forgiveness of their sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit, is limiting God.  They say it puts God in a box and makes Him unable to save someone on their deathbed.  Well please allow us to prove the EXACT OPPOSITE.


From the day a person breaks God's Law of sin and death, God's greatest desire is that they will come to repentance.  And as we then go along thinking we're living life, the reality is that our life's experiences are really filled with acts of God trying to bring us back into a relationship with Him.  So the truth is, people who accept a sinner's prayer doctrine are really the ones who are putting God in a box.  Because if God is all knowing and He's working with us all our lives trying to get us to accept His Word, and then if right at death's door we're wanting to become a Christian but are not able to be baptized into Christ,


"That", would then make God a very cruel and "incapable" God.


That would be like a mother telling her children on their first day of school that she'll be waiting for them at home to make them lunch and the mother then choosing to not be there.  The day we are born, God knows exactly when and where we will die.  It's not the slightest strain whatsoever for God at that exact time, to put someone right there to baptize us.  He knows exactly that day what situation we will be in and if we are wanting to enter into His Covenant God could more than easily have someone there to baptize us, and He indeed would do that.

And besides, God is such a loving God He would definitely extend a person's life if it was a matter of being baptized.  Being baptized into Christ is the purpose of our existence, the reason to which we were created.

God cannot go against His Word and His Word declares that we are baptized into Christ, and this doctrine includes believing on Christ as well as confessing Him and therefore it does not contradict the doctrine that so many try to promote, the "believe only" doctrine using Romans 10:9.  The reality is that their false believe only doctrine certainly contradicts;


Acts 2:38        Romans 6:3        Galatians 3:27


1Peter 3:21        Acts 22:16        1Corinthians 12:13        etc. etc.


People who refuse to accept God's true doctrine are always throwing this ridiculous hypothetical at us;

"What if a person decides to be baptized into Jesus but are then immediately hit and killed by a speeding camel ? "

Well can we ask you, what about the person who would have 'Prayed Jesus into their heart' but they also were tragically struck down and killed by that same speeding camel ?


What about them ?


We cannot stand upon and formulate a doctrine around Romans 10:9, doing so is exactly what satan wants.  All he wants is to confuse the world and sabotage eternal souls.  Don't be fooled by a believe only doctrine that only opposes the truth of God's Word.  Such a doctrine defies Mark 16:16 and only promotes the lie that defiles the word of God and changes it to say;


"Whoever believes and is saved, will (maybe) then (perhaps someday) be baptized."


But the God of this universe who says that His Word is PERFECT declares that;


"Whoever believes and is baptized, will be saved."


Don't accept the doctrines of men, their worship is worth nothing.


Matthew 15:9  They worship me in vain, their teachings are but rules taught by men.


Another ridiculous argument some try to present concerning


Mark 16:16  Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.


Is that it does NOT say, "Whoever is - NOT - baptized,"


What they really ought a do is try to make the same ridiculous argument against this statement;


"In the desert, whoever brings along water and continues to breathe, will survive, but whoever does not bring along water, will die."


Why are logic and reason, so thoroughly abandoned when it comes to religious beliefs ? ?


To view the logic and common sense that completely refutes the false Sinner's Prayer doctrine click on;



The truth about - SAVED by GRACE through FAITH.








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