Response to a Denominational preacher

of the FALSE  'baptist'  Doctrine.


A false Denominational 'baptist' preacher from Nowata, Oklahoma, published a truck load of UN-answered questions to the world, via a website and email group, trying to DENOUNCE the ONE DOCTRINE of God's New Covenant.  But fear not, this page will help enable any open hearted Bible student to blatantly see the ERRORS of this False Teacher, a False Teacher that the Apostle Paul would indeed refer to as;

a  SAVAGE WOLF  (Acts 20:29)

So start sending your friends to this page because the game is over for false teachers such as these.

Here's an interesting tidbit - After finding these questions on the net, we sent the answers to the publishers asking them to post them for ALL the world to see.

Do you think they'll post them ?  Guess again.

Before we begin, consider the wordiness of this BLUNDER (97 questions in his attempt to malign our Saviors One True DOCTRINE).  In all his study of God's Word we would have at least thought that this False Teacher would be aware of ;

Proverbs 10:19  When words are many, sin is not absent.

The Truth is Always a comforting refuge.  Enjoy the Ride.

Hebrews 4:12  For the WORD of God is living and active.  Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow, it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Titus 1:9  Encourage others by Sound Doctrine and REFUTE those who oppose it.


The 'baptist' preacher's ERROR begins here as he states :


1.  These questions call for careful study. They have been compiled after many years of hard work in defense of the Truth as it is in Christ Jesus. These questions have already been on the block of execution and have seen the field of battle and have emerged victorious in every skirmish, debate, private discussion and individual Bible study, that these questions have raised in every arena. Let the Baptists never fear the result - simply ask the question and listen to the answers.

Oh my goodness gravy.  Yes you are right false teacher, simply ask the questions and listen to the answers, but be prepared to make an immediate choice as to whether or not you're going to HARDEN your heart to the Truth when you read it.  In case you weren't aware, hard work is not necessary to defend Truth.  All you have to do is READ God’s Word, period.  Let all 'baptists' who follow the same False Doctrine that this false teacher is promoting, indeed fear;

2Peter 2:1  But there were also False Prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you.


2.  What are Campbellites ?

How ridiculous would it be if I were to call this False 'baptist' teacher a Peter-ite, simply because Peter was a follower of Jesus Christ.  What on earth does Campbell have to do with God’s ONE church other than that he was probably a member of it.  The Doctrine of the so called 'Campbellites’ existed LONG before Campbell ever began preaching it.  In fact if this False Teacher would choose to quit embracing False Doctrine, he would see that the Doctrine that Campbell preached, is the same Doctrine that Jesus built His one church upon.  His WORD.  The New Testament.  God's NEW Covenant.


3.  They are otherwise known as "The church of Christ," or "The Disciples of Christ," and believe that Water Baptism is essential to salvation in Jesus Christ.

I think what you really meant to write was, … They refuse to be duped by False ‘baptist’ Doctrine, and instead, they'd much rather believe the BIBLE, and what ‘God’ declares in His Word (and not some man) concerning Salvation and Water Baptism.


4.  Is Baptism a part of the Gospel ?  Because by using  Ist Corinthians 1:17  I'm suggesting that it's NOT.  1Corinthians 1:17  For Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel, not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power.

You can rest assured it is sir, but here’s a question for you;

When we send George Bush to Iraq to preach Democracy, do we send him over there to walk around and set up all the Democratic ballot boxes ???  Or do we send him to preach Democracy ???  Mmmm ?


5.  Could a man without arms and legs preach the Gospel that Paul preached ?

This is just a bizarre thought.  Here you are is insinuating that the person without arms or legs would not be able to baptize someone, therefore he would not be authorized to preach God's ONE Plan of Salvation.  Oh boy.  Well I guess that means our 'baptist' friend had better stop telling people about the space program.  Because if he's not able to fly the shuttle, it just doesn't exist.  Mr. FT, in case you haven't read, God could raise up children for Himself from the stones in your back yard (Luke 3:8) and just because you don't believe the Savior of the World when He says Romans 6:3 and Galatians 3:27, don't think that His chosen Apostle Paul didn't preach Acts 2:38, because he surely did.  Paul preached it and claimed as well that he baptized few (1Corinthians 1:16).  Go figure.


6.  What is the Gospel Paul Preached?  I Corinthians 15:1-3

The Gospel that Paul preached was the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  And low and behold sir, we share in that very Gospel, in OUR Death to sin, Burial in Baptism, and Resurrection to a New Life, when we obey Acts 2:38.


7.  Is Baptism an act of sovereign GRACE performed by God or is it an act of righteousness on man's part ?  Matthew 3:15 and Titus 3:5

It’s neither sir.  That's where you go so tragically wrong.  Baptism is an act of obedience.  A pledge of a good conscience toward God (1Peter 3:21)  If you would have read further in Titus, you’d have seen the parallel to Baptism, the washing of Rebirth = born again of Water and the Spirit.


8.  Were you redeemed by the precious waters of Baptism or by the precious Blood of Jesus Christ ?  I Peter 1:8-19

(I rather love this one) When you're extremely thirsty, is your thirst quenched by the two parts Hydrogen, or by the one part Oxygen of the precious liquid that God has so graciously provided for you ???  I'm quite eager to hear your answer.  We all know that the Bible plainly declares that there are at least 10 different factors pertaining to God that actually save us;

  1. Grace (Ephesians 2:8)
Faith (Ephesians 2:8)
  3. Ensuring your life is right (1Timothy 4:16)
  4. Ensuring your Doctrine is right (1Timothy 4:16)
Obedience (Hebrews 5:9)
Holiness (Hebrews 12:14)
The Word of God (1Peter 1:23)
Jesus' Body (1Peter 2:24)
Baptism (1Peter 3:21)
Jesus' Blood (Revelation 1:5)

So your question sir, is but just another example of your own PROOF that you are no different than the Sadducees, as Jesus declared to them;

Matthew 22:29  You are in ERROR because you do not know the Scriptures.

By the way, False 'baptist' Doctrines are NOT the streams of Living water that Jesus declared would flow from His children.


9.  If Baptism LITERALLY puts a person IN Christ, What act literally puts Christ IN You ?  2Corinthians 13:5 and Colossians 1:27 and Romans 3:24-25

What you refuse to believe is that the definition of God’s GRACE, is His gift of Jesus Christ's sacrificial death and Jesus’ NEW Covenant Plan of Salvation to us.  And that Plan of Salvation (ACTS 2:38) tells us exactly what act literally puts Christ in us.


10.  Did Jesus Christ know the plan of Salvation ?  John 14:6.

We don't mind answering these questions at all, in fact it's an absolute joy to just allow God's Word to speak for Himself, but so many times when you just step back and look at these questions, . . . Are ones such as this, not just a little too absurd ???

John 14:6 is NOT God's plan of salvation.  God’s WORD declares that this is God's plan of salvation;  1. Hear the WORD of God.  2. Believe that Jesus is the Messiah.  3. Repent of your ways that are contrary to God’s will.  4. Be Baptized INTO Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  5. Remain faithful to the Covenant you have made with God.

There you go, that’s God’s Plan of Salvation.  But what I really don't understand, because God's plan is so plainly spelled out in His Word, What is it in this fleeting world that is causing you to reject God's Word, because whatever it is, it's definitely not worth it.

11.  Did Christ at any time, or place, personally tell a sinner to be baptized FOR the Remission of their Sin ?  If so WHEN and WHERE ?

Sir, if one of God’s chosen Apostles personally told you to be Baptized for the forgiveness of your sins (Acts 2:38),  Are you the type of man that would ‘ARGUE’ against him, on the grounds that he, Peter, a chosen Man of God, somehow has less authority in the Truth than Jesus Christ Himself ???  Yes you are.  But I believe if you meditate upon the horrifically painful, blood spilling crucifixion that Jesus endured, you could and may change your attitude toward the acceptance of what God's Word indeed declares.


12.  Did Christ personally, at any time or place say to anyone, He that is baptized NOT shall be damned ?

No Sir, You've gotten your questions mixed up, Here's the one that you really meant to ask ; Did Christ personally, at any time or place say to anyone, "He that preaches or trusts in the False ‘baptist’ Doctrine shall be saved." ???  Mmm, you're right, . . . He didn't. ;o)


13.  "He that is not baptized , shall be damned."  Can that statement be found anywhere in the Bible ?  If so . . . Where ???

Guess what, we don't say that people who have not been baptized are damned.  God makes that choice, no one else.  But what I will say, is that anyone who has not obeyed Acts 2:38 has surely not been Baptized INTO Christ.  That's more than obvious from God's Word.


14.  Do you and your brethren, self-styled church of Christ, not preach and teach, in word, precept and effect, that he that is not baptized shall be damned ?

Sir, in ‘my own’ self-styled way, let me say, in word and precept, Why would you assume that I would choose to be like the False 'baptist' Denomination, and preach things that are NOT in God’s Word ?


15.  Do you not further pollute your own imaginary scripture by inserting TWO imaginary requirements: (1) That it must be administered by a church of Christ preacher, and (2) That when the candidate goes under the water, he MUST believe that the act is in order for the remission of his sins ???

NO on the # 1, and as for # 2,  I would think just as much as that repentant sinner would need to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, OR ???  Where’s the dilemma here ?  Do you baptize people who don't believe that Jesus is the Messiah ?  Wouldn't that sort of happening usually be referred to as an attempted drowning ???


16.  Do you not reject 'baptist' baptism because of the absence of these two points ?

Ya know what, ... not really.  The False 'baptist' Doctrine concerning baptism is only a very small part of the big picture.  Absolutely, God's one church, the Pillar and Foundation of Truth (1Timothy 3:15) rejects the False 'baptist' Denomination as a whole, on a much much bigger picture.  Because that’s exactly what it is, a man made Denomination, based upon numerous (meaning many) False Doctrines.


17.  Since you and your brethren admittedly preach and teach the above doctrine, in word and deed, and since such a statement can not be found anywhere in the Bible, "He that is NOT baptized shall be damned."  Is it NOT TRUE that you teach a doctrine that is NOT in the Scriptures ?

No Sir, and not that I've been counting the growing number of times, but you’re wrong again.  We uphold Titus 1:9 and TRIUMPHANTLY refute the False Doctrine of the False 'baptist' Denomination, by simply allowing God to do all the talking.  Hebrews 4:12   Anyone who doesn't respect the power of Hebrews 4:12 actually shows contempt for God's intelligence.


18.  You furthermore proclaim your motto:  Where the Bible speaks we speak, and where the Bible is silent, we are silent.  Why don't you remain silent on the above doctrine, "He that is not baptized shall be damned".  Be silent, such a statement is not in the Bible.

K O.K., don't have a heart attack.  Indeed, we'll remain silent, . . . that is, under the THUNDERING roar of these words from God, who speaks so plainly concerning the False Denomination that you tragically promote ;

2Peter 2:1-2  But there were also False Prophets among the people, just as there will be False Teachers among you . . . Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of Truth into disrepute.


19.  Since your entire approach is built on an imaginary scripture which does not exist, your every effort is made to twist other scriptures and compel them to mean your imaginary Scripture.  NOW, is this statement found in the Bible : "He that does not believe shall be damned" ?  Baptists preach that exactly as written.  So, do baptist preach what is in the Bible ?  Now watch him twist.

Watch him twist, that's cute.  Sir just because you preach one truth, that sure does NOT negate the 6 places where you preach lies.  In fact watch very closely.  I am so glad you asked.  Have a look here, here's what 'baptists' preach ;

Baptists preach; "Whoever believes and immediately saved, will (maybe) then (perhaps someday) be baptized."

But here's what the God of the universe declares ;

"Whoever believes and is Baptized will be saved."

You do the math.  And I'll continue to claim that the most sinister of all False Teachers, are the ones that preach generous amounts of truth in amongst their tragic deceptive lies.


20.  Is there an instance in the Bible where a sinner was saved without Baptism ? What about these scriptures ?  Luke 7:48, Acts 15:9, Acts 26:18, Ephesians 1:11-13, 1John 5:4

Simple.  Not under God's  "NEW"  Covenant.

Luke 7:48 - The sinful woman was under God's Old Covenant.  To mix the two Covenants makes you a spiritual adulterer.
Acts 15:9 - Faith in the Word of God, His New Covenant = Acts 2:38
Acts 26:18 - Gentiles as well are under the New Covenant of Faith in God’s Word.
Eph. 1:11 - Key word IN Him, Romans 6:3, Galatians 3:27, ALL parts of the Word of Truth.
I John 5:4 - Once again, Faith in the Word of God, His New Covenant = Acts 2:38


21.  Is Baptism a command to the saved or UNsaved ?  Which ?  Remember there is only ONE baptism !

That's easy, Baptism is a command to the ‘UN ‘ saved.

22.  If to the UNsaved, are not the unsaved UNborn of God ?  Now, do you give commands to your child BEFORE it's born or AFTER it's born ?  Can an UNborn child obey a parent ?

No Kidding, (and no offense)  This question actually made me chuckle out loud.  What a play on words and connecting two completely UN-related things.

Sir, can you tell me how the unborn people you preach to, How do they obey the command to BELIEVE ???  You can't have it both ways.

23.  Do you and your Brethren not teach that the COMMANDS of God are given to the UNborn and that the commands are but instruments BY WHICH the unborn can obtain BIRTH ?

Amen !


24.  You boast of LOGIC - where is there any LOGIC to this matter ?

Right here.  Because if you were to hear the Gospel and actually believe and obey what Jesus says in Acts 2:38, then you’d be able to SEE the logic, but because you don't,  it’s like trying to explain something to an UN-born child.

It's just like John 9:41  If you were truly blind, you wouldn’t be accountable for your False Doctrine, but because you claim that you can SEE, your guilt remains.  There is absolutely no parallel between a child in the womb not being able to understand, and an UN-saved person not being able to accept and obey Scripture.

25.  Do you and your Brethren not also teach and believe that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God until after His Baptism ?

Wow, I've never heard of that one.  That's ridiculous.  Why wouldn't we believe God when He says in Luke 1:35  The Holy One to be born will be called the Son of God.


26.  Whose Son was He in Bethlehem's manger ?

Yahweh’s Son.  Jesus.  Immanuel.

But here's what I don't get.  God says that Jesus is His Son and that He wrote the Bible.  And you believe Jesus is God's Son, yet you do NOT believe what He writes in His WORD.  Acts 2:38.  To me that is very strange.  To me, that is hard to understand.

27.  Is not the sum of your doctrine simply this: He that lives closest to the creek, lives closest to the Lord ?  He that lives furthest from the creek, lives furthest from the Lord ?  Does this not place the DESERT dwellers at a distinct disadvantage ? That would mean that a person's Salvation would be easy or difficult according to his GEOGRAPHICAL location ?  Does this sound like Jesus Christ in John 3:16 ?

No offense Sir, but creek or no creek, ducks or no ducks, I would just concentrate on the True streams of Living Water, the ones that flow from those who Truly Believe in God’s Word.  Not some False Denominational man made teachings.  What you're really saying, is that if God gave a person the command to pass Him a piece of bread, that it's not only possible that God might not be there to pass it to Him, but that God also, would not have 'pre determined' that there would in fact be a piece of bread available to pass to Him.  Can you see where your lack of Faith in the ability of God, totally contaminates your understanding.  Baptism will become possible for absolutely every person who believes Acts 2:38.  Why ?  Because God is True and so is His Word.


28.  Are the FAMILY of God, the KINGDOM of God and the CHURCH of God, ALL one and the SAME ???

Well, let's see . . .

The family of God is ;  The FATHER, and those who have been baptized INTO His Son, those whom He has given His Spirit.

The Kingdom of God is ;  The KING, and those who have been baptized INTO His Kingdom, those who have been sealed by His Spirit.

The church of God is ;  Those who have been ‘called out’ and ‘assemble’ themselves together.  Those who have been baptized INTO the Body of Christ and have been given the Gift of God's Holy Spirit.

Yes indeed they are all one and the same.

29.  Do all who belong to the family of God also belong to the church of God ?

The Greek word for 'church' means 'assembly'.  The church of God are those who 'assemble' themselves.  This would be but my personal opinion, If someone PERMANENTLY 'abandons' the assembly of God's Body, Do they belong to the 'assembly' of God ???  I would think not.


30.  Did God have a family before Pentecost ?

Let’s go with the Jewish Nation, Israel.  Why, what were you taught in 'baptist' school ?


31.  Then is it now possible to become a member of the family of God and not become a member of the church at the same time ?

Now possible ?  For sure not.  Jewish people still living after Pentecost were no longer in a Covenant relationship with God if they had not been Baptized INTO their Messiah.  Since the time that Peter preached Acts 2:38, everyone who has become a member of the Family of God has also become a member of the church, at the exact same time.


32.  When and How did Jesus become a member of the church of Christ ?

Sorry, you've got it backwards.  The church became a part of Jesus on the Day of Pentecost.  Not the other way around.


33.  When and how did the Apostles become members of the church of Christ ?

The exact same way as all other members.  The minute they were Baptized INTO Christ for the forgiveness of their sins.  Acts 2:38


34.  Was John's Baptism, Christian Baptism ?

I’m guessing by ‘Christian’ you mean ‘NEW Covenant’.  Can I ask why you would even consider mixing the Old Covenant with the New Covenant ?  Especially when Romans 7:3  declares that to do so, makes you a spiritual adulterer.  The answer to your question is  NO.


35.  Who baptized Jesus Christ ?

Well let's see, . . . John the Baptist ?


36.  Did Jesus Christ have Christian Baptism ?

Here’s a question for you Sir, New Covenant (you call Christian) Baptism is for the forgiveness of sins.  When, where, and how did Jesus ever sin ?  Don't need a whole bunch of instances, just one will do.  And be sure you understand that the moment you reveal just one instance, YOU, will immediately become one of the most famous people in history.


37.  Have you received the same kind of Baptism that Jesus and the Apostles received ?

Only the same as the Apostles.  Jesus experienced more than one different type of Baptism however His water baptism was NOT for the remission of sins.  The Apostles also experienced more than one different type of baptism but their water baptism was the same as mine.


38.  Is Jesus Christ the Head of the church of Christ ?

Amen !


39.  Since the Head of the church received ONLY John's baptism, is not John's baptism, Christian baptism ?

It's actually quite sad that a Bible teacher such as yourself does not know the Truth regarding such an elementary subject as this.  The church (Christianity) wasn't even born until long after John the Baptist was dead.  John was an OLD Covenant Prophet.  John was preaching 'Repentance' and Baptism for the 'Forgiveness of sins' ?  Do you really believe that those two subjects are even applicable to Jesus ?  Jesus merely had John baptize Him to fulfill all righteousness. 

The single biggest mistake Bible teachers, such as yourself, make, is MIXING God's Covenants.  Sir you CANNOT MIX God's Covenants.  Bad, bad, bad.

John's baptism and NEW Covenant Baptism are within two completely SEPARATE Covenants.

No, John's baptism is NOT NEW Covenant Baptism.


40.  Or has the head of the church received one kind of baptism and the church an altogether different kind ?

Exactly !


41.  Alexander Campbell received 'baptist' BAPTISM, and died with it.  Did he go to heaven ?  Campbell never did repudiate this baptism by a Baptist preacher, was he saved or lost ?

Campbell did NOT receive 'baptist' Baptism.  He fully believed Acts 2:38 and baptists do NOT believe Acts 2:38.  Simple as that.


42.  What kind of Baptism did the Apostles receive ?  Were they saved or Lost ?

They experienced two different Baptisms.  And believe it or not, they were saved.

But hey, don't forget Judas, he was an Apostle, Do you think he will be saved ?  What does the False 'baptist' Doctrine say about 'Judas' ?  The man who betrayed God's Truth because   he   wanted to be boss instead of allowing God's Word to be boss.  That rings a bit of a bell, Or ?

43.  What kind of Baptism did these Disciples who were baptized by the Apostles on the authority of Christ during his personal ministry receive ? John 4:1-2. Were they saved or Lost ? Was this before Pentecost ?

They were responding to the call to be Baptized as spoken by John the Baptist.  Being Baptized INTO Christ did NOT exist before Pentecost.  You ask ‘Were they saved or lost’, What on earth would cause you to believe they were possibly lost ?  They were believing God’s Word, unlike the False ‘baptist’ Doctrine.  Then you ask, "Was this before Pentecost".  Had Jesus been crucified yet ?  This is chapter 4, Christ's crucifixion is in chapter 19.  Pentecost is 50 days after that.  Sir, . . . 2 Timothy 2:15 is telling you to study to show yourself approved, so that you need not be ashamed.  I personally don't feel you're approved.  You're a preacher asking if John chapter 4 is before Pentecost.  You should be ashamed.  Don't sweat it though, just STOP embracing that nasty False baptist Doctrine.


44.  How was Abraham Saved?  David?  Enoch?  John the Baptist?  The Virgin Mary?  The Demoniac of Gedara ?  The thief on the Cross ?

Please Sir, understand this.  They were saved by their faith, because their faith enabled them to accept and obey God's Word.  NOT some ‘man made’ False teaching.  Do you realize that YOU do not have ENOUGH Faith to accept ALL of God's Word ?  In my opinion, that lack of acceptance is really not a good thing at all.


45.  How were sinners saved between the Crucifixion of Christ and the Day of Pentecost ?

They were baptized into John's baptism.


46.  How is Abraham the FATHER of the FAITHFUL when he was not baptized by a Campbellite preacher ?

Oh good gravy, Campbellite, shmambellite.  Through Faith Abraham believed God.  That’s how Abraham is the Father of the Faithful.  You don't believe God, Acts 2:38.  Here's a question for you,  Isn't it true that the FEAR of losing everything is really the father of all the faithLESS ?  Jesus has said that we cannot be His disciples unless we are willing to give up everything.  Why aren't you willing to give up False Doctrine ?


47.  Since the same FAITH dwelled in Timothy, his Mother and his Grandmother, were they not all saved alike?

Yes indeed, by God’s Grace, through their Faith, they believed Acts 2:38.


48.  Who preached the Gospel to Abraham ?  Galatians 3:8.

Oh, are you mixing up the good news told to Abraham that all nations would be blessed through him - And the good news of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ ???  Yes you are.


49.  What Prophet in the Old Testament prophesied of BAPTISM ?

Once again, if you were to paste the word Baptism into the exhaustive concordance that I'm thinking you don't have, you'd see that the word Baptism isn't even mentioned prior to Matthew.


50.  Did Peter preach to Cornelius that all the prophets bore witness to the fact that whosoever believeth in Him shall receive remission of sin?  Acts 10:43.  Do you believe what Peter said?

Where's your sense of reasoning Sir ?  If  NASA  tells you that you can set foot on the moon if you believe, Does that have any connotation whatsoever to the fact that you might NOT have to place your backside INSIDE the shuttle ?  Mercy, Why do baptists always try to 'separate' BELIEF and any other specific COMMANDS that are directly connected to believing ?  Why ?  Belief and Acts 2:38 simply cannot be separated.


51.  If Peter preached Baptism, FOR or IN ORDER TO REMISSION OF SIN in Acts 2:38, why did he not preach the same thing to Cornelius in Acts 10:43 ?

Sir, I wish I could give you the benefit of my doubt that you’re sincere about this, but I can’t, for the simple fact that this is your 55th question, But let me try to explain it anyway.  Belief in God, is not belief if you don’t believe He means what He says in His WORD. (That's pretty simple, Or ?)  God’s WORD says that in His New Covenant, sinners are Baptized INTO Christ.  This is what Peter believed and exactly what he preached to Cornelius.  Have you ever heard God say; "I'm a respecter of persons."  Why then would He preach anything different after the Cross through Peter to the Jews (Acts 2:38) than He did to Cornelius and the Gentiles ?  Because indeed He didn't.

52.  In your sugar text which you yourself do not understand (Acts 2:38) how many words are there BETWEEN the word BAPTISM and the word REMISSION ? You will have to cut 11 words out of your text before you can JOIN BAPTISM TO REMISSION OF SIN.  What do these 11 words mean, which you and your brethren always avoid ?

We don't need to 'try' and join baptism to the forgiveness of sins, God started doing that 2,000 years ago.

Mark 1:4  And so John came, baptizing in the desert region and preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.


53.  What is the Greek Word translated or rather Anglicized into the word Christ in Acts 2:38 ?  Why don't you put the exact Greek word in the text and then read Acts 2:38 to your people and quit making a childish play on the preposition FOR ? When you do this you find complete harmony with Acts 10:43 and John 3:16.  Just give the people the original there and you won't have to notice the preposition so technically.

Please, spare us the preposition jargon.  Here's the exact Greek wording of Acts 2:38  And we can totally understand its meaning without even having the Greek text translated by an expert.  Just read the text.

Acts 2:38 (Greek Text)  Peter, but toward them, change mind says, and let be immersed, each of you, on the name of Jesus Christ, into sending off of the sins of you, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.


54.  Does the word WATER as used in John 3:5 mean baptism ?  Why didn't Christ say what he meant to say ?  If he really meant baptism when he said water, by the same reasoning, He evidently meant baptism in the next chapter (John 4:7-15).  Read again the story of the woman at the well and then substitute the word baptism for water everywhere it is found in the story exactly as you substitute the word baptism for water in John 3:5.  Then see what story you make.  False Doctrines always lead to muddy water.  Where the Bible speaks - we speak.

Just a minute, good grief !  Did I just hear what I think you wrote ?  Do we read the words ‘born of water’ anywhere in John 4:7-15 ???  Nnnnoooooo !  What kind of outer space reasoning is actually trying to be passed here ?  Mercy, call the National Guard aliens are in our midst.


55.  The sermon to Nicodemus was BEFORE Pentecost, Did Christ jump the gun by preaching to him when Pentecost had not come ?

Sir, the words 'preach' and 'prophesy' are two totally different things.  Question to you, Did Daniel 2:44 not prophesy God's New Covenant Kingdom (His one church)  – 600 years – in advance ?  Could the creator of the air you breath, not prophesy His NEW Covenant 60 ‘days’ in advance ???  Please give Him something that at least resembles respect.


56.  Is the term "CHURCH of GOD" a Scriptural term ?

It’s in God’s WORD (the Scriptures).  Yesiree.


57.  Do you recognize people who call themselves CHURCH of GOD ?

Oh, you mean do we recognize their Doctrine.  Well don’t they believe in keeping the Sabbath ?  Ya I'm sure they try to mix the Old and NEW Covenants just like the False 'baptist' Denomination does.


58.  Does wearing a scriptural NAME alone mean that BODY is a scriptural Body ? Upon that grounds do you refuse to recognize the Holiness people who call themselves by the name CHURCH of GOD ?

Whatever scriptural term a church refers to themselves by, surely does not keep them from embracing False Doctrine.  Please be certain of that fact.


59.  If those people are going to hell in spite of their name (because according to your doctrine they are all lost), so it will definitely take MORE than a Bible name to save them, will it not ?

For anyone to declare that anyone else, is undeniably going to be cast into hell, (except for satan and his followers), is not the way a wise, mature Christian would conduct his day to day joys of fishing for the lost.  A Bible name is NOT a determining factor between being IN or OUTSIDE of Christ.


60.  If it takes more than a Bible Name to save the Holiness Denomination, then it will definitely take more than a Bible Name to save you ?  Will you admit it ?

My head is hurting.  I've never known a Bible name to be any part of God's ONE Plan of Salvation.  But the one thing I will admit to, is that neither Jesus, Peter, nor Paul were baptists.  Now there's a revelation.  ;o)


61.  Were the converts and disciples called CHRISTIANS on the Day of Pentecost ?  Were they saved ?  The Antioch Believers (Acts 11:26) were first called CHRISTIANS (10 years after Pentecost).  Were the Antioch believers any more saved than the Pentecost believers ?  Did they call THEMSELVES Christians or were they CALLED CHRISTIANS ?

I’m gonna step back a minute here and say to myself (in my own un-professional psychological diagnostic effort), surely this False Teacher, deep down, must be so terribly exasperated at the fact that the Doctrine he ‘embraces’, can be proven false very easily using God’s WORD, that he now shows himself to grasp at whatever straw possible, in order to somehow ease his conscience.  But then again I'm not a psychologist.  The answer is, anyone who obeyed Acts 2:38 beginning from the day of Pentecost, was placed INTO Christ, by God.  And anyone who has obeyed False Denominational teachings since Pentecost has been placed into that Denomination by, Man.  Matthew 15:9  They worship me in vain, their teachings are but rules taught by men.


62.  Did Jesus or His Apostles anywhere in the 4 Gospels use the word Christians ?  Did Jesus know what to call his Followers ?  If it's of divine origin, why did not the name originate with Jesus the true authority in matters of religion ?

Mercy Macedonia, who’s saying that the word ‘Christian’ is of ‘Divine’ origin ?  Tell them to quit pondering such petty topics.  There's millions of people out there, that need to hear the Truth about God's ONE Plan of Salvation, and also need to be taught the many ways that the baptist Doctrine is False, let's concentrate on that.


63.  Did Jesus say to Nicodemus, "You must be born again." or did He say "You must be Baptized and wear the name Christian.",  Which ?

Hey, let's do something off the wall for a 'baptist', let's accept what God's WORD says,

John 3:7  You should not be surprised at my saying, 'You must be born again.'  (Words spoken by Jesus, the Messiah.)

Here’s a question for you Sir, Seeing that you prove yourself as someone who REFUSES to teach the Truth of God's last Kingdom, the PILLAR and FOUNDATION of Truth, Could you have been born again ?

64.  Were the members of the "church of God at Corinth" LOST because Paul failed to call them church of Christ  ?

I’ve got a cramp in my knee, . . . . . . . . . .  No.


65.  Is it possible for anyone to be a believer who is a member of a church not called the church of Christ  ?

Yes.  YOU.  You're a believer.  A believer of False Doctrine.

Titus 1:9  Encourage others with SOUND Doctrine and REFUTE those who oppose it.

God's church does NOT have a name.  The term 'churches of Christ' is NOT a name, it’s simply one of 4 different church ‘terms’ that God uses to refer to the ONE Body that Jesus came to build, defined by His WORD and its ONE Doctrine.


66.  Were these people lost who were members of the church of God at Corinth ?

I don't think so.  Because neither were they with map in hand asking for directions, nor were they preaching False Doctrine.  Go figure.


67.  Were there any churches in the New Testament that were not called by the name - church of Christ ?  Were their members saved or lost ?

The church of Christ is NOT the 'NAME' of any church that 'I ' or my fellow believers attend.  Let’s go with this, . . . God did NOT ‘name’ the ONE Body that His Son Jesus came to build.  He named each and every star in the universe, but He didn't name His one church.  Perhaps because He's only got ONE of them !!!  And neither is it founded upon False 'baptist' Doctrine.  How interesting is that !


68.  Is the term 'The church of Christ' a TITLE to any one church in the Bible anywhere ?

You've gone from calling it a Name, to now calling it a ‘term’.  Why the flip flop ?  You wouldn't be scoring well if this was an official debate you know.  The term 'church of Christ' refers to all of the congregations in God's New Testament.


69.  Where was your church of Christ  when Alexander Campbell was being baptized by a baptist preacher ?

Ohhh, . . .  You must mean, Where was the 'False baptist Denomination’ before John Smythe stopped searching for Truth and began embracing the False ‘baptist’ Doctrine back in 1605.  I can help you out with that one, It didn’t exist.  But you can bet your rubber boots it surely existed in Prophecy right there in Acts 20:30  !!!  However God's one Body has been on the Earth ever since Jesus began building it on the day of Pentecost.  And it will NEVER cease to exist, it's Eternal. (Daniel 2:44).


70.  Was Elder Luce, the baptist preacher who baptized Campbell, a Christian ? Did baptist baptism put Alexander Campbell into the church of Christ ?  If not, when and how did Campbell become a member of the church of Christ ?

First off, Baptism has nothing to do with the one baptizing, but rather it has EVERYTHING to do with the belief of the person BEING baptized.  Second, Here's my question to you, Was ‘Elder’ Luce married as God commands that Elders must be ?  Titus 1:6  An elder must be blameless, the husband of but one wife, a man whose children believe and are not open to the charge of being wild and disobedient.  Or did he hold the office against scripture like countless other, single, baptist Pastors do ?

I don’t know if  Mr. Luce was a Christian or not, according to God's one Plan of Salvation.  The baptist teaching on baptism is nothing more than a False Doctrine that is taught by man.  Campbell would have had to obey ACTS 2:38 to become a member of God's ONE Body.  Whether he did or not has nothing to do with the fact that God's ONE Plan of Salvation proves the baptist Doctrine to be False.


71.  If Baptist baptism put Campbell INTO Christ and His church, why will not Baptist baptism do the same for people today ?

I’m not sure but I think I’ve heard this somewhere before, . . . Oh ya, in the answer above.  'Baptist’ baptism is nothing more than a False Doctrine taught by ‘man’.  It's not in God's WORD.  The False 'baptist' Denomination changes the word of God to read;  "Whoever believes and then is immediately saved, will (maybe) then (perhaps someday) be baptized."  But the God of the Universe says that we should listen to Jesus Christ instead.  And He declares that "Whoever believes and is Baptized will be saved."    I think I'll stick with Jesus.


72.  If Elder Luce did not baptize Campbell INTO Christ when and where and HOW did Campbell ever get into Christ ?  Since he died with 'baptist' baptism, and never did repudiate it ?

Mercy, what history books have you been reading ?  Is Edison famous for his dealings with electricity ?  You might want to understand that Campbell is famous for denouncing the False Baptist teaching on baptism.  And what it's really for.  Acts 2:38, Romans 6:3, Galatians 3:27, 1Peter 3:21, etc. etc. etc.


73.  If Campbell was baptized into the church of Christ by Luce's act, then was not the church of Christ in fact already here ?

Sir, This is something you need to write down, 'laminate' and then maybe place on the door of your fridge.

God’s ONE church (His last and ETERNAL Kingdom, Prophesied in Daniel 2:44 and Isaiah 9:7 ) has been on the earth ever since Jesus began building it in the first century.  Now I've really gotta ask you this, Has it ever disappeared or gone anywhere ?  Do Eternal things do that ?  Are Eternal things usually known for stopping and then starting again ?

74.  Then how could Campbell's movement, the church of Christ, ever become the ORIGINAL church of Christ ?

It didn't 'become'.  It was already.  In the same way that the earth, that I preach exists, first became the earth in Genesis 1.  The church began on the Day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2.  Simple.  The False Baptist Denomination began in 1605 with John Smythe.  Sadly simple.


75.  Are you a member of the ORIGINAL GENUINE church of Christ or the one that grew out of Campbell's reform movement ?

Well sir, if they both have the ‘EXACT’ same ‘Doctrine’ and both began on Pentecost in 33 A.D.  . . . How on earth could they be ‘different’ ???  Or separate ???  Or affiliated with - the False ‘baptist’ Denomination for that matter ?  How ???  Say what ?


76.  The church of which Campbell was a member, he got in by 'baptist' BAPTISM.  DO YOU HAVE THAT SAME BAPTISM ?  Then, if not, you do NOT BELONG to the original New Testament church, but to the one that grew out of Campbell's movement . . . SELAH.

Selah ???  That's not some type of "there you go" statement is it ?

Campbell did NOT get INTO God's church by baptist baptism.  And as much as you might not want to believe it, I did get INTO God's church by obeying Acts 2:38.

77.  Can you show in History anywhere on earth, a church organized and operating as your self-styled church of Christ operates today prior to 1826 ? Where was it located ? What is your authority ? The scholarship of the world awaits your answer.

Actually the scholarship of the world is busy studying as should be all those charged with embracing False Doctrine.  Is the New Testament Historical ?  Well if so, then simply read the History of God's church.  The location of the churches of Christ in the Mediterranean world, as it then spread throughout the globe.  My authority is found in WORDS and DOCTRINE written in the Word of God.


78.  Where was YOUR church of Christ from Pentecost until Campbell's day ? Almost 1800 years are unaccounted for.  Where were YOU and your BRETHREN ?

Most simple sir, . . . If the church I attend has the same Doctrine as that of the church that Jesus began building on the Day of Pentecost, who really cares about Campbell’s day ?  Besides, we've already seen that the church that Jesus established is eternal, it hasn't gone anywhere since the first century.


79.  Is it not a fact the ANTI-ORGAN wing of Campbell's movement split off a few years ago and got their younger set registered in Washington as THE CHURCH OF CHRIST?

According to God’s New Covenant, His ONE Body doesn’t have wings.  Let alone an 'anti-organ' wing.  God's church is sensitive to the fact that God asks us to sing to one another (Ephesians 5:19, Colossians 3:16) not to play instruments.  If God asks us to go to the store and buy Him some milk, we don't come back from the store with milk AND cat food, purchased with HIS money.  God asks us to sing, we don't go beyond what He has written.


80.  All Historians trace the origin of your young set back through the organ-wing of the Campbellite church, back to the days of Alexander Campbell, Walter Scott and Barton W. Stone.  Can you trace your origin beyond this date ?  Are Historians all liars or just plain ignorant ?

Sir, Can you trace your False ‘baptist’ Doctrine back before John Smythe in 1605 A.D. ?  NO.  Simply because your False Doctrines are not in God’s WORD and can be proven False by READING God’s WORD.  Because you cannot prove our Doctrine false using God’s WORD, then ‘that’ is 'THE' Doctrine that can be traced back to the origin of the ONE church that Jesus came to build.  According to His WORD.  Truth Everlasting.


81.  Your Doctrine of church and baptismal Salvation are both fundamental doctrines.  Did you know that the catholics, the mormons, the Jehovah witnesses, and one branch of the holiness sect, are EXACTLY in harmony with you on these points ?  They tell the world the same story about baptism and church membership that you do, identical doctrines.  Why don't you fellowship with these people ?

Sir, I speak here in an unconnected analogy only, are you telling me that you fellowship with hardened criminals simply because they speak ‘part’ Truths to you ?  If so, make sure you watch your wallet captain !


82.  Why don't you tell your people the truth about the music question ?  What does the Greek word PSALMOS mean ?  It means to play on the harp or other stringed instrument.

The music question is so VERY simple.  The majority of Christians in the church want simply to "sing" and make music in their hearts to the Lord.  Ephesians 5:19  Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.  The people who want to bring in Guitars, Tambourines, Pianos, Drums, etc. are the ones who are willing to cause division by not respecting the simpler brother.  Sure you can try to prove that Psalmos means strumming a stringed instrument.  But you will never be able to prove that you're not causing your brother to stumble.  Exactly the same as those who demand that they have the right to eat meat sacrificed to idols in front of a brother.  Romans 14:19  Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.


83.  You loudly quote Mark 16:16  But I don't believe that you or your brethren really believe any of it.  It does not say "Whoever is not baptized."

You're right it doesn't, but let me show you how the False ‘baptist’ Denomination distorts the Word of God concerning Mark 16:16.  These are the words you yourself put in God’s mouth (which I cannot say that I'd have the courage to do, that's for sure !)

Anyway, here's what Mark 16:16 says;

Mark 16:16  "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved . . ."

And here is what the baptist Doctrine changes it to say;

"Whoever believes and then is immediately saved, will (maybe) then (perhaps someday) be baptized."

It's very, very, unwise to change God's Word.


84.  If you lose your present salvation, can you ever be saved a second time ?  Give a Chapter and verse for your answer.

Chapter and verse ?  How ‘bout just some common sense.

How can you 'ultimately' lose your salvation until after Judgment Day ?  And the Bible declares that the state a person is in after Judgment Day, is eternal.  So there is no second time around for anyone.

85.  If you are saved NOW but might become UN-saved tomorrow, would it not be wise for God to let you DIE today ?

Let’s go real slow on this one, Captain.  If you wanted to sift your creation, to find all the people who would never throw a pie in your face before they die.  And you know that Jean Jean BananaCream, on her 85th Birthday is going to throw a pie in your face, would you kill sweet Jean on her 84th Birthday, in order to keep her from the very reason that you gave Jean 'free will’ ???  Sir, I don't think you are thinking your questions through.


86.  In that case, would you not be outliving your salvation ?

I hate to say Sir, but I'm serious, the False baptist Doctrine is causing you to become very muddled in your thinking.  Please abandon it.


87.  Will God let you live TOO LONG ?

The length of time that every person lives is in absolute perfect harmony with God's Plan for this universe.  Because God has seen everything in the future right to the end of the world.  And because He has seen everything, and He still then chose to begin the world, it will surely indeed accomplish absolutely everything that He has set out to achieve.


88.  If God let's you live too long, and you die and go to HELL, it is not God's Fault ?

Sir, You are a humorous kind o' dude.  If you can name ‘one’ thing that is God’s ‘fault’, I will allow you to teach my child that gravity makes cannon balls float gently up into the sky.


89.  How good will you have to be before God saves you ?

Good ?  Are you serious ?  Have you not read, there is only One who is Good ?


90.  Did Jesus Die to save SINNERS or GOOD people ?

Faithful - sinners.

Remember, don't be like your Denominational ancestors since 1605,

Use the 'WHOLE' Bible.


91.  If Baptism was essential to your FIRST Salvation, is it not also essential to being saved a second time ?

A person can only be 'saved' once.  If they then choose to abandon God's will and fall away, but then later choose to agree once again to God's NEW Covenant, they are not saved a second time, they are simply restored to God's Grace and Christ's saving blood, by walking in the light as Jesus is in the light.


92.  Name one person in the Bible who was saved a second time ?

Buddha ?  (just kidding)  Nobody.


93.  Is not your entire program a matter of salvation by works ?

Absolutely NOT AT ALL  ! !

Christians work for God as a  "result"  of already having been saved.  Works for God are done out of intense gratitude for Him forgiving our sins in Baptism, and promising us Eternal pleasure if we remain faithful to His NEW Covenant.

94.  Do you know the difference in WORKS and GRACE ?  In Works, one does something for God, in Grace God does something for us.  Which would you rather enter into eternity with ?  Something you did or something God did.  Which would afford the greatest JOY ?

Let me think, . . . ya here it is, . . . knowing that I didn’t harden my heart like Pharaoh to God's Word.  Knowing that I didn't choose the False ‘baptist’ Doctrine over - PROVABLE - Truth.


95.  Was Paul thankful that God sent Him to preach only one part of the Gospel ?  1Corinthians 1:17  For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the Gospel . . .

Paul was a very thankful man.  And he didn't just preach one part of the Gospel.  Paul preached the whole Gospel and he went through sooo much pain and hardship.  And as well, what about Jesus Christ’s pain and hardship ?  Is it worth rejecting False Doctrine ?  In light of all the pain and agony that Jesus went through, why would someone then not choose to believe God's one true Doctrine ?  Could it be that Christ's pain and suffering is worth less than any pain a person might have to suffer in order to abandon False Doctrine ?  Why don't people believe what Paul and Jesus wrote in Acts 2:38, Romans 6:3, Galatians 3:27, 1Peter 3:21, etc. etc. ?  I don’t know, it’s really a perplexing mystery.


96.  If Faith always includes and involves baptism - as you preach it – Why did the Holy Spirit use two different words in Mark l6:16 ?

Why are you hung up on Baptism ?  New Testament Faith 'ALWAYS' includes 'EVERYTHING'  that God says in His NEW Covenant.


97.  In Galatians 3:26,27  You are all (verse 26) / For all of you (verse 27)  Do these two statements mean and include the same people ?  Had ALL the people in verse 26 become children of God ?  Had ALL of them been baptized ?  Isn't it true that Paul is simply saying;  AS MANY OF YOU as had been baptized ?

Nice try Sir, but what a twist.  And the answer is NO !

Paul is clearly saying that ALL the people in the church in Galatia had been BAPTIZED INTO Christ.  Besides, why wouldn't Paul have said, "As many of you who were baptized AND as many of you who prayed Jesus into your hearts, have become children of God." ?

Because the Sinner's Prayer is a Lie, that's why.

So, 97 questions, in an attempt to push the False baptist Doctrine and not one of them posed ANY problem for God's Word.

When Jesus, hanging on the cross, asks any baptist to pursue TRUE DOCTRINE and UNITY, if they reject it, basically what they are doing, is looking into Jesus' blood stained face and replying;

" Jesus you don't really mean what you say in your Word, and to change would certainly be too much trouble, but thanks anyway for hanging there and bleeding for me anyway."


Instead of 97 questions, let me ask this baptist just ONE ;

If God had sent an 11th plague against Pharaoh, do you think Pharaoh would have finally repented for good ?

 Take your time in replying and give this web page address to ALL your baptist friends, especially the innocent ones that don't realize yet, all the many FALSE teachings of the baptist Denomination.


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