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No doubt, every atheist  MUST  read this !




1.  Here's the truth of the matter.

Not all, but probably the majority of people who believe in evolution will feel a certain authority when they exclaim;  "I don't believe in the Bible !"  But here's the REAL Truth.  When a cute little puppy dog is sitting in front of you and wagging its tail, giving you that look, you know the one, the one that says, "Please pet me, Please Love me."  Do the people who simply don't want to love that puppy, do they ever find themselves saying, "I don't believe in that puppy."    Noooo !  Because the puppy is a reality, you can prove the existence of the puppy.  And so those who don't want to Love God, really need to retain their integrity and instead of saying they don't believe in the Bible, they need to stick with reality and the facts, and simply claim their freedom of choice by just stating the Truth.  They need to say  "I just don't want to Love God"  There, that's the ultimate Truth.  And no problem, we have freedom of choice in this world.  Just be real.  Because God’s existence and His WORD are a reality, they are provable.

Without question, atheists need to embrace logic and keep things real.



2.  Get this one,

When a person’s life is threatened, they will expend incredible feats of effort and determination in order to stay alive.  So ask yourself this question;  Do they expend this effort in order to stay alive for just another five minutes, or five hours, or five years ?  Nopers, hello ? they exert this intense effort, because they want to remain alive for a long, long time.  On average the human spirit does not want to die.

So now ask yourself this, why is it then, after everything is safe again, after that person exerted all that energy in order to stay alive,

Why doesn’t that person pursue to it's complete end, the truth about ETERNAL Life ???  They’re so determined to live for 70 years, Why not forever ???

They fight to stay alive in a world where they believe that the sky goes on for eternity, But they won’t even study to obtain  “life”  that goes on for eternity.

A perfect example of imprisoned human thought, clouded in pitiful logic.



3.  Now get this,

With a watch on my wrist, If I went up to any atheist and tried to convince that atheist that all the different parts to this watch just mystically appeared and came together to form this intelligent timepiece, there is no way they would accept nor put up with such ridiculousness.

But what they do want, is people to respect them, when they say that - this world and our bodies ( billions of times more complex than any dinky little wristwatch ) just happened to have come into existence apart from God creating them.

Their opinion is always a one sided street.  The Bible told us that the earth is round hundreds of years before man ever even had a clue.  It tells us that babies come from the woman’s own egg, hundreds of years before man ever had a clue.  (It was always thought that babies were given into the woman’s body.)   The Bible came together over a period of 1,500 years by over 40 writers to form a PERFECT book.  No mistakes.  Man could never do that.  To get even 5 people to write a book over 500 years and have them agree and write a flawless book would never happen.  If atheists believe that man wrote the Bible, then why don’t they basically worship those men for having done the one thing in all of history that has had the biggest influence on the whole human race for all time ?  If those 40 men wrote that book themselves, then they basically have achieved the greatest feat that human beings could ever be credited for ever having done.  Atheists will give credit to Einstein, Hey, what about credit to those 40 men who did something a billion times more incredible than Einstein ???  Huh ?



4.  O.K. , this is a biggy,

Man does not regularly 'invent' a whole new language, especially when the one he's presently speaking is doing the job just fine.  Therefore the 500 main languages that are on the earth, would have been here since day one.  It's highly unlikely that one language was on the earth and that man just happened to decide to invent 499 others.  (But we know for a fact that because of the Tower of Babel, that God caused all the different languages.)  So, if it’s a fact that languages definitely die at a far, far higher rate than they are born, this fact then just multiplied the odds against evolution by hundreds of trillions.  Because this then says that 500 different humans, from the beginning of life, evolved  “separately”  as they came into existence far away from each other, because they speak different languages that they each invented.



5.  Whoa, get this,

People will actually say that they believe in God, but that the Bible is NOT, the inspired WORD of God.  Can you believe this ?  Most incredible.  That's like me standing in front of you and saying "Yuh, I believe you exist, but the words that I hear you speaking are being sent into you from some other source, they are not originating from you."

Then there are those who say they believe in God but the Bible has been distorted and mis-translated down through the centuries so we just cannot regard it any longer.  Hello ?

Basically what they’re saying is, that God exists, and He’s the LIVING, personable God of the universe, but before He created the world, He sat down and said to Himself, "Hmmmm, after I create this whole incredible world and universe, and after I show inexpressible wisdom in every aspect of all that I create, and after I then create man in the image of Myself, and after I inspire the Bible, (the very writing which is our direct connection to God),

He then says; "Those rebels are going to distort and mis-translate my Bible and so I wonder... should I go ahead with this whole plan ?  Hmmmmm ?  Can I, the God of the universe cause my WORD to remain the way I want it to be ?

OR , am I at the merciless whim of my feeble human creation ?  Hmmmm."

Another example of the incredible illogicality that can cloud the human mind.



6.  Here’s one,

If anyone were to receive a letter from their most admired movie star, or some other famous person, and they knew for a fact that it was genuine, they wouldn't hesitate for a second, to rip it open, and read it most thoroughly, probably even a couple of times,

However even when a person comes to believe that their creator, the One who created their imagination, their emotions, their desire for life,... And that God has written the Bible to them personally.  Even then we can be lazy to read it.

A heartbreaking example of the neglect that can deceive the human mind.



7.  How is it that an atheist can look at the calendar and not wonder about time (one of the more prominent entities of the universe) and just why it is that time has been recorded in relation to either being before or after the birth of Jesus Christ. (B.C. - A.D.)



8.  If man merely evolved from matter, ( a source void of any link to a creator ) then how is it that 70 % of the world is religious ?  How do God worshipping beings evolve from something completely void and opposed to a God ?



9.  Do people who don't believe in satan wonder why one of the most common swear words in all the world is 'Jesus Christ', it seems to make pretty good sense seeing that this is the Man satan indeed, hates most of all.



10.  What do people, who don't believe in satan, think, when hundreds of thousands of people, after doing acts of evil, then attribute their actions to an evil spiritual influence, namely the devil himself ?



11.  Here’s one that defies all atheistic logic,

If someone where to kill the child of an atheist right before her eyes, she would feel a multitude of tormenting emotions.  Yet in a world apart from God there is no such thing as MORALS, there is no such thing as Right and Wrong.  And that’s a fact.  Therefore this murder could not be considered as something WRONG.  Because apart from God, there is no such thing as something being  “WRONG”.  WHY then, if her existence is merely a product of evolution, LIFE coming from non-life, (no connection to any God).  Why then would she be subject to any of these emotions that she now has to suffer ?  Why should she be subject to hating the person who killed her child, when that murderer did not do anything wrong.  Does the earth have a right to get angry at a meteorite when it smashes into the earth ?  Duh.  Then without question, and an atheist CANNOT argue against this, when two humans evolve out of nothing, apart from a moral God, they have absolutely NO RIGHT to get angry at anything that that other person might do to them.  Will any atheist agree to this PERFECTLY true and logical reasoning ?  Never.



12.  Hey, here's an interesting one,

It's a proven fact that with ALL people, across all genders and races, the consequences / telltales of when a person lies, are that;

They experience sweaty palms.

They experience induced swallowing.

Their heart rate increases.

Their faces turn red.

They avoid eye contact.

They speak more quickly, etc. etc. (The same old, same old with everyone human being on the planet.  Except of course for sociopaths and those who have perfected evil deception.

O.k., ... so these are physical reactions (that cross all humanity), that occur when people lie, keeping in mind that none of them are at all based upon comfort, self esteem, or integrity,

So, ... If man just evolved, apart from God, in a world where lying cannot be considered as something wrong, ... What on earth are these characteristics that are connected to lying, all about ? HUH ? ... Is evolution really your friend or what ?  Did evolution curse you with characteristics that POINT to you as being a LIAR ? ? ?

(Here's a hint, Lying is a spiritual event.  It's not merely a physical action.  Lying is an offense against God.  When His creations lie, He is ashamed of His creation and simply separates Himself.  Therefore He has constructed us with built in sensors that perhaps we just might someday, in our blind little, self seeking minds, finally get the big picture.)



13.  No really, think about this,

How does a living being (male) evolve from NON-LIFE when his evolution is DEPENDANT upon sexually reproducing with another of his kind (female).  He wants to evolve, but needs her to do it, but hey, she's not around anywhere YET ! She hasn’t evolved yet herself.  So anyway, he's a male, but hey, Why did he become a male ?  Did he have some kind of cosmic foreknowledge that Female would be arriving in the future ???  But hey, as soon as she evolves he'll be ready for her.  But her evolution is dependent upon reproducing with him, H-m-m-m ? ?  So these male and female living organisms had to have evolved from a MALE/FEMALE combined organism.  That's right, they had to have evolved from non-life into a two in one, male/female, living creature, and then this creature had to divide into two individual beings, and then continue to evolve sexually dependent upon each other.  Ya right, so anyway, they continue to do their little evolving thing, as they then pass through monkeyville, on into cavemantown, and they finally arrive in New York city where they've been known to commit suicide. All without any ultimate purpose.  Does that make any sense to you ?



14.  Imagine this,

A person is suddenly taken from earth and is placed upon another planet, similar to the earth, but the one big difference is that they do not know anyone there, and they have no relatives there.  This whole thing happens to them but they're not quite sure why.  So without doubt, now, the next thing they would do would be to begin spending the rest of their life trying to figure out;  1. How they got there and;  2. Why they are there.  For a FACT this would be the exact actions of EVERY person that this might ever happen to.  You cannot deny this.  So now ask yourself, Why is it that just because people are born on earth and slowly grow up here, that so many of them just really don't need those 2 questions answered with concrete and logical, answers ?  Let me tell you why.  Because you don’t want people to hate you.  You want people to Love You.  And God is exactly the same.  He wants people to choose to love Him.  And if people are more interested in the TEMPORARY – FUTILE created little trinkets of this world, always living for themselves, and paying more attention to stuffing the chocolate cake into their mouths rather than thanking the One who gave them the cake.  Then those two questions actually become a hindrance to their life.  Because their life belongs only to them.  They become the ultimate ruler.  And those 2 questions are only roadblocks to what they want, rather than stepping stones to a Paradise that will make every atheist cry with despair as to how they could have possibly been so blind.  If you’re an atheist, don’t continue to cheat yourself.  Because all atheists are like a small child who honestly believes that their holding onto to their baby doll, will always be best.  Even better than holding a boyfriends hand on a beach in Hawaii.



15.  This is just outright  BIZARRE  ! !


Imagine you're walking in the freezing wilderness up north somewhere.  And as you're walking through the desolate forest, you then step into an animal trap that grasps onto your leg and there's no way you can escape.  You're an hour away from your friends and you're quickly starting to freeze.  As you lay there you look over and within reach you see this big box that says  "chain cutter"  on the lid.  So you lay there for the next 12 hours and finally freeze to death.  Inside the box was a chain cutter that you could have freed yourself with.

Well guess what, this scenario is the exact scenario that  ALL  atheists are in when they get old.  Why not take a chance and open the Bible (chain cutter box) ?  You know you're about to die and rot in the ground, why not just take a chance and finally find out what that Bible says ?

If that same atheist was lost in the desert and he came across a box that said;  "Water/Cellphone"  on it, he'd open it.  Why don't atheists open the box when it says  "Eternal Life"  on it ? ?  Because it's not a matter of what they might possibly gain, it's a matter of what they would then be absolutely forced to lose, . . .

their pride.

Is that not tragic, yes it is.


Here’s what God directed Paul to write;

Romans 1:2  For although they knew that God existed, they neither glorified Him nor gave thanks to Him, but instead their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.

Here’s what God directed David to write;

Psalm 14:1  The fool says in his heart, "There is no God."

If you look up the definition of Evolution in the Dictionary of Reality, you will see that it says;

Ev-uh-loo-shun (noun)

:  To declare that the puppy does NOT exist.


Don’t continue to follow Darwin, because you can rest assured,

right now Darwin is begging to be able to return to earth to be a preacher.



If you have other examples please contact us.








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