Saved by GRACE, through FAITH, and

not by WORKS




Before venturing into God's Word (and common logic) which so easily destroy the tainted baptist Doctrine, here's something that all baptists really need to read;


Imagine back in 1920 someone says this to you as you're standing on the edge of a very high cliff, "You know what, you can fly like a bird if you believe in the Wright brothers."  So as you look over the vast expanse below you, you then reply

"Really ?"


And they continue,


"Absolutely, if you believe what the Wright brothers say and do what they tell you, you will definitely be able to experience flight.  But then a baptist comes along and says to you;


"Ya man, all you gotta do is Believe in the Wright brothers, accept them into your heart, and you'll be able to fly, because they've already done everything for you.  You cannot work for their sacrifice towards flight.  They have done it all.  And the Wright brothers themselves have even said that believing in them is a necessary factor.  So do it now, all you gotta do is Believe in them.  So come on, what ya waiting for ?  Believe in the Wright brothers, accept them into your heart and jump off this cliff and you will soar like a bird."


Then the first person (having True Doctrine) says to you;


"NO, don't be ridiculous, don't just blindly follow HALF TRUTHS !  Don't put all your understanding on just PARTS of what the Wright brothers have said.  Consider all of their words.  Of course they said that you need to believe in them.  But you need to accept EVERYTHING that they've said.  The truth is that you need to get


into their vessel


of flight according to the plan that they have so plainly written down in their official documentation.  You have to get into the airplane.

God also says that in order to enter heaven, you have to get into Jesus Christ.  And here's how the Bible plainly declares that you get into Jesus Christ.


Galatians 3:27  For all of you who were  BAPTIZED  INTO Christ, have clothed yourselves with Christ.


QUESTION :  Why do so many 'baptists' just jump off the cliff without getting into the airplane  ? ? ?

ANSWER :  Because a baptist will tell you that if someone gives you a birthday gift, you cannot unwrap the gift yourself.  You must ensure that the person who gave you the gift, is the One that unwraps it.  Because they say if you unwrap the gift yourself, you are working for the gift.  And if you work for the gift, you are no longer believing the one who gave you the gift because they said that it's a free gift.


How crazy is that ?


Baptist Doctrine is a very, very, deceptive and FALSE Doctrine.


A baptist wrote asking ;


> How can you go and say that Baptism is NOT a work, but that me accepting a free gift, (the sinners prayer)  "is"  a work.



Because when I stand in the water, and someone else baptizes me, I am not "doing" anything (fact).  I am just standing there. The person baptizing me is "doing" something.  I receive salvation by doing nothing.  But when you "do" something, whether it be ask out loud, or pray in your mind, the false  "sinner's prayer"  that is not in the Bible, you are "doing" something (fact) to receive salvation.  You received salvation by "doing" something.  To do something in order to receive something, is usually called work.


For a baptist to be true to their false teaching they must admit that the ONLY way they could ever possibly experience a true  - Do Nothing Salvation -  would be if God came down from heaven (and without the baptist saying or doing anything) if God then personally said to them, "You used to be a lost sinner, but now without you doing anything, I am changing you into a saved sinner."

That is the absolutely ONLY possible way that a baptist could ever claim a do nothing plan of Salvation.  But of course we know that baptists don't truly posses such a teaching.  The heart of baptist Doctrine begins with the inaccurate understanding of;


Saved by Grace through Faith and not by Works.


The false definition of Grace is what tragically provides the supporting foundation for baptist Doctrine.


Ephesians 2:8  For by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast.


If someone gives you a gift certificate for a thousand dollars, and the conditions of the certificate declare that you must do what it asks on the certificate (as commanded in the terms of the Covenant on the certificate), how could you possibly ever try and say, that obeying those commands is equal to

WORKING  for that gift ?

That is just simply absurd.


But that is exactly what  sinner's prayer  believers do when they try and say that obeying God's commands is equal to working for His free gift of salvation.  To think that directing thoughts in our brains in order to pray Jesus into our hearts, is in any way different than choosing to direct another thought so as to ask someone to baptize us is simply an irrational and illogical belief.


Just imagine someone saying this to the gift giver;


"I refuse to do what you ask in the terms of your Covenant to redeem your gift certificate because that would be working for your free gift.  So therefore I’m gonna refuse to accept the terms of your covenant and I'm gonna do things my way."


Could you imagine ?


What an attitude.  Well that's exactly what baptist teaching forces its followers to do.  But here’s the most deceptive fact about baptist doctrine, people who believe in the sinner's prayer, falsely define


God’s Grace


And they do this by trying to say that Grace means that we need to do absolutely nothing in order to obtain the gift of eternal life.  Well first off, God declares that we must be faithful unto death in order to receive our reward.  As well that we need to Do the will of God in order to receive eternal life.



Revelation 2:10  Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.

Hebrews 10:36  You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.



So if that’s not Doing something, who knows what is.  The foundation of the baptist doctrine is flawed from the beginning as they falsely define Grace.  The true definition of Grace is;

God's GRACE = God’s choice to be crucified, in order to bring His Plan of Salvation (New Covenant)(Acts 2:38) to earth, all while we were still sinners and enemies towards Him.  That, is the TRUE definition of God's Grace.


Here's a question that all believe only followers should ask themselves;

When you go to your kitchen and get a glass, and then go to the fridge and pour a drink in your glass, are you working for that refreshing beverage ?  Or did someone already work for it and purchase it with the money that they worked for ?


Baptists need to stop fooling themselves, they need to start telling themselves that the ONLY way their false doctrine could possibly ever ring true would be if God spoke to them, and without them doing absolutely ANYTHING, if God then said to them, "You used to be a lost sinner but now I have just made you are a saved sinner."


 Period.  That is it.  That is the     "ONLY"     way.


Only if that ever happened could baptists then possibly declare that a Do Nothing plan of salvation exists.   But of course no man or woman will ever experience such an occurrence because that would then immediately turn God into a liar.  To fulfill their doctrine of how they became saved, ALL baptists end up doing something (which is work).


1.  Before a baptist prays Jesus into their heart, simply listening to that plan of salvation is technically doing something.

2.  Contemplating whether or not to choose to obey that baptist plan, is technically doing something.

3.  To actually finally mentally choose to accept that plan, is technically doing something.

4.  Then without a doubt, their response to the choice, the confessing, the speaking out to God, and finally engaging in the false  Sinner's Prayer  whether in their mind or out loud, is absolutely doing something.


Then, as well, baptists also falsely define Belief by saying that;


Belief = A simple mental acceptance of Jesus as their savior.


When the True definition of Belief is;


Belief = Accepting that God inspired His Word, which in turn = The acceptance of Jesus as the Messiah, which in turn = Accepting that Jesus IS the Word of God, which in turn = Accepting ALL the scriptures that God gives concerning His New Covenant Plan of Salvation.  That, is the True definition of  Belief.


1.  By obeying God's plan we become Saved.

2.  And His plan of salvation IS His Grace towards us.

3.  And salvation by this grace is obtained through Faith.

4.  And obeying this plan of salvation (Acts 2:38) is an act of obedience, NOT Works.



Saved by Grace through Faith and not by Works.



Apart from all the misuse of scriptures, this is the real clincher when it comes to a  Sinner's Prayer  doctrine.  If God, ... who is not a God of confusion,

( 1Corinthians 14:33  For God is not the author of confusion.)



Why then  ?



does God even include Baptism in His Word ?






When we study this aspect of the baptist Doctrine, it will seem so outrageously ridiculous that it's basically beyond belief.  However for the sake of any open hearted baptists, we need to say, can you imagine someone on the edge of a life and death situation (analogous to humans facing the eternal place of Heaven or Hell) and in order for this person to be brought to safety, a rescuer is going to give him a map to safety.  So what happens next ?  The rescuer hands the person the map but on the map, the rescuer has drawn a couple of escape routes that DON'T actually exist.


Can you believe this   !


This person is in the process of being rescued and is given some CONFUSING and UNNECESSARY information.


Well if you think that's crazy, that is EXACTLY parallel to God adding "Baptism" to His Word.  Why on earth would God put Baptism into the Bible when it's really not necessary ? ? ?  Can you imagine God being intelligent enough to know the thoughts of every human being on earth right now and in the next moment He chooses to place an item in His Bible that is completely unnecessary and also causes tremendous confusion ?



Baptists should be ashamed of themselves for

accusing God of doing such a ridiculous thing  !




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